Hazards in Home Renovations to Look For

home renovation hazards

Home renovations can range from simple fixes, like doorknobs, to something more difficult like replacing an entire roof or kitchen. While there are plenty of hazards along the way, it’s important to ensure you’re prepared for any type of obstacle you may face.

So whether you’re adding in hardwood floors or repainting, here’s how to prepare and tackle any hazards that may halt your renovations.

Repainting your Walls

While a new coat of paint can refresh a room, it’s important to consider the dangers of tackling a painting project if your home is a little older. Older homes more often have lead paint. Due to the widespread use of the product leading up to the lead paint ban of 1978. If you plan on taking charge of the project yourself, scrapping old lead paint increases your chances of exposure. And that can lead to potential illnesses like amenia, along with kidney and brain damage.

Before you start removing any old coats of paint, you should hire a lead inspector. They can tell you if the lead paint is something you can deal with, or if abatement is needed. This can help protect you and your family in the long run. Lead poisoning is especially dangerous in small children, so keeping your children safe and away from potential renovations is key to their health.

Replacing Appliances

When updating a space like your kitchen, bathroom, or mudroom, appliances become one of the most expensive replacement items. Due to the weight of some of these items, it’s best to either hire professionals to help you or see if stores are able to do the installation for you.

In most cases, stores will be able to offer you free installation. This is due to the heavy appliance as well as making sure that everything is set up correctly.

Take, for example, your washer and dryer. If planning on replacing these items, or even just finally installing them, it can take a professional or two to help. This can cost anywhere from $110 if replacing an existing system, or upwards of $2000 if installing something brand new. In cases like these, working with installers can help speed the process and keep you safe.

Updating Your Bathroom

While vinyl tiling may have been a hit in older homes, today more modern tiling is commonplace. As you look to update your bathroom you will want to remove vinyl tiling and replace it with ceramic tile for a clean-cut bathroom. However, vinyl tiling that predates the 1980s is known to contain asbestos, which, when you’re exposed, can cause a rare cancer known as mesothelioma.

bathroom update
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Just like with lead, disturbing asbestos can lead to exposure through the inhalation of asbestos fibers. Being precautious is important as the signs of mesothelioma may not show for years, as the latency period is anywhere from 10 to 50 years. With an older home, don’t be afraid to get an inspection before starting these renovations to keep yourself safe. The right mix of equipment and preparations can save you in the long run.

If you plan on uprooting the tiling, think about elevating the space with a new bathroom vanity as well. If you are replacing tiling along with other cosmetics, this is the perfect time to update your bathroom plumbing and make sure everything is up to date and up to code.

Bathrooms don’t often leak, but over time it’s good to make sure that there are no leaks, as mold can cause just as many health concerns as asbestos if not taken care of properly. Take the time during this step to clean any bathroom storage you have, and update any imperfections in your space.

Updating Bedroom Spaces

While you may be trying to stick to a budget while creating an elevated space, sometimes the best way to update your home is to make small changes that go a long way. For example, updating your decorative pillows in the bedroom and painting the walls can make the space more luxurious.

bedroom update
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Are you looking to create something more upscale? You have to plan budget for home renovation projects. Otherwise, check out local vintage and thrift stores to help you find deals on modern bedroom furniture sets like dressers and bed frames that can add character to any space.

Don’t forget to examine any furniture you find while you are in the store to avoid visible safety hazards. Check for loose nails, or those popping out the side to avoid any potential snags or scrapes. Sometimes, these can be easy fixes, but a full dresser may be more work.

Wall art in the bedroom can go a long way. Be sure to have the right safety tools for this project, and always keep your hands and eyes protected. This can be an easy way to elevate your room, but safety practices cannot be left at the wayside.

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Taking the time to look at potential hazards before starting a project can save you time in the grand scheme of things. Do not be afraid to talk to professionals, or spend some time reading materials that can help you stay safe. While you will always want a home renovation up-to-date and stylish, it’s important you take the necessary precautions.

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