Galley Kitchen Layout that still Trending in 2024

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Generally found in smaller spaces and apartments, the galley kitchen is a typical layout which comprises kitchen units that face each other. This corridor-like kitchen layout creates a central passage between the two parallel walls of work surfaces just like the food preparation area on narrow ships. If you think that Galley style kitchen layout has fallen out of style in current years then you are thinking in the wrong way. In fact, there are so many things that make the galley layout still trending. Just take a look at the below galley kitchen design to see how this type of kitchen layout can be functional, organized and inviting.

Offers Enough Counter and Storage Space

Offers Enough Counter and Storage Space

Galley kitchen design provides enough storage as there are two parallel walls. You can make good use of the wall space by adding wall mount cabinets after the countertop height to store kitchen items. Double run galley kitchens with storage tend to be a good kitchen layout as it free up counter space for practical use. A combination of more cabinet storage and long countertops means that your kitchen will look organized and less cluttered.

Small Galley Kitchen Ideas for Narrow Spaces

Small Galley Kitchen Ideas for Narrow Spaces

Galley style kitchen is an ideal layout for smaller kitchens such as 8×10 feet. As it only requires two to three feet for each side. And, due to the standard galley kitchen configuration that is usually longer than wider. It’s also the preferred layout for narrow space. With all the appliances and countertops positioned along the two walls, a galley layout provides a comfortable walkway for people. To prevent galley kitchen looking too small or too narrow, you can optimize it with floating shelves and central ceiling light fixtures.

Friendly Layout of Galley Kitchen

friendly layout of Galley Kitchens

Even though a galley design tends to be narrow or compact, it gives you the chance to maximize the available space you have. For example, the addition of the mini table or bench sitting at the end of the galley makes your kitchen a place you want to hang out with your few friends. The placement of a dining table sets near the countertop is also used as an extra workspace until you sit down to enjoy your cup of tea.

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Makes an Impact in Closed-off Wall

While many of us want a large and open kitchen space, sometimes the best things do come in small spaces. The narrow size of the galley makes other items a standout feature without dominating the look of the entire space.

great for closed off wall

For instance, you can enhance the galley kitchen wall. Particularly, when it is closed off on one side by adding art pieces or creating a built-in bookcase. Alternatively, you can create a gallery wall to make a statement wall. Or hang a large mirror to create an impression of a bigger space.

Provide More Efficient and Smooth Workspace

work efficient

The galley kitchen is quite an effective layout as it can easily create the classic work triangle in a small space. A well-planned galley layout reduces the time wasted by walking from one appliance to another or one counter to another. A galley kitchen layout is good for smooth work. Because fewer steps are required to reach major work zones like the sink, refrigerator, and range. Therefore, cooking and accessing different parts in a galley kitchen layout is exceptionally easy and comfortable.

Galleys are also Good for Open Kitchen

Galley Kitchen Good for the open kitchen

Not all galley kitchen designs are closed-off. Some galleys are asymmetrical in design such as Parisian kitchens. Instead of having a similar length of the runs on both sides, it has an island opposite to the main run.

Galley-style layout is the good choice for small space. It can become an efficient setup for the medium or large size kitchen too. A galley layout with an island in an open-plan space can be used as an informal eating area and also as a convenient surface for food preparation.

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They’re Easy for Creating Practical Flow

practical work flow

A single run galley is considered as the best layout for connecting adjacent rooms because it has two entrances and center walkway. This type of layout allows you to easily move from your kitchen place to other different rooms as required. Beyond it, the continuous look between the kitchen and the living room will also make space feel much inviting and cohesive.

Excellent if You Want the Outside View

outside view design

Galleys are not about having the long run of cabinets on both sides. A galley layout with a window on any side can remarkably work well in a narrow kitchen. It can break the monotonous look and allow you to see the whole view of the outdoors even when you are cooking inside.

Window in this layout will bring a lot of outside light into your space, making it feel more open and less restricted. Still, some prefers cabinets on both sides and it’s ok to have those cabinets. To give an extra unique look you can color the cabinets with your favorite ones, you can DIY it.

At last…

Many of us consider the galley kitchen as an undesirable layout just because it sometimes feels uncomfortably narrow. But, after reading this article, you will surely know that the galley kitchen design is more functional, modern and bright rather than cramped, dated and dark. This is why the galley kitchen is still trending in current years and maybe in the upcoming years too.

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