How to Bring Luxury to Your Home on a Budget

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Luxury is a feeling we all crave and chase. When we think of luxury homes, we think of superfluous upgrades to help us achieve this feeling, but will realistically also cost us a lot of money. The thought of these upgrades and their costs can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are lots of ways you can add elements of luxury to your home on any budget. The following ideas can give you great ways to get started.

Add Elegant Accessories

Luxury home decor accessories

There are decor accessories every home needs. These items come in a range of prices and can be bought at secondhand or discount stores. This allows you to upgrade them as you need or when your style changes.

When adding luxury to your home, the types of accessories incorporated and the ways they’re used matter. One thing you can consider is experimenting with textures and colors. For example, a velvet throw looks elegant and provides a soft, warm blanket when needed.

Dark fabrics on pillows or throws can add a dramatic statement to brightly colored rooms. While, patterns can contribute a touch of excitement to more monochromatic rooms.

Accessories can also create a multifunctional feature. Consider placing a nice bowl in your entryway to hold your keys, for example. If you have a nice serving tray on your coffee table, you can use it to house candles and a vase of flowers to add dimension to the space. Or, it could house your remotes or the magazine you’re currently browsing.

Wall Hanging Art

Wall hanging Art

When we think about wall art, we typically think of prints and paintings. While they can be part of what you add to your home, they’re definitely not the limitation. This is an area of decorating that can really be unique and showcase your personality. Individualized wall decor ideas will give you the opportunity to really make your home your own and leave a lasting impression with your guests.

If you want to add color and texture to your walls, hanging a quilt or rug is an easy way to do this. Collections are also a great way to personalize your wall art and add a luxurious touch that’s specific to you.

If you’ve amassed a bunch of items like vintage cameras or interesting vases, you can put up shelves to display them. The same idea can be applied to people who love plants. Using hanging plants or creating a vertical garden can create a point of visual interest in a room.

If you’re not a collector or those ideas aren’t of interest to you, there are lots of other ways you can incorporate unique wall art to add luxury to your home. Finding old maps from thrift stores or buying interesting wallpaper for an accent wall are simple ways to decorate a wall and draw the eye to it. Or, if you’re a fan of maximalism, a patterned wallpaper can be added to all the walls of a room. And if you’re in search of functional works of art, wall sconces or unique lighting features are the perfect addition.

Spring for Upgrades to Flooring, Fixtures, or Countertops

countertop upgrades

While upgrades to these areas might be more expensive than others mentioned here. They can change the entire feel of a room, are durable, and will ultimately be worth the cost.

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen and want this room to make a statement, consider installing an alternative to marble countertops. Materials like granite, engineered quartz, solid surfacing, and quartzite can be used to get the feel and beauty of quartz. But, with a much smaller price tag.

These materials are elegant and long-lasting, but some (like quartzite) require more regular maintenance. So, be sure to know what your chosen material requires in the long run before making a decision.

In addition, upgrading cabinet hardware to include options such as glass knobs, brass and acrylic options, or ring pulls can add a fancy element to them. If you want to upgrade lighting, many retailers now sell budget-friendly chandelier options. Adding one to your dining room or kitchen creates a lighting feature that will impress guests and give you a mood boost when you look at it.

To help you quickly breathe new life into your flooring, you can add patterned stickers to boring tile or a coat of paint to old hardwood floors. These are projects that can often be done in a day and allow you to add vibrancy and color to a room.

Some of these options can be completed by you. While, others (such as replacing your countertops) will likely require you to hire a professional to handle the work. As this adds to the budget around the project, it’s important to plan accordingly so you can do it in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

If you have savings that you want to use for your home upgrades, start with these funds. However, if you don’t have enough money saved, you can access an equity loan to afford your projects. This allows you to borrow money from the equity you’ve already paid into your home and then pay it off in your mortgage payment.

If you choose this option, you should first get quotes from any contractors you’re planning to hire. Then consider getting the equity loan in the format of a lump sum. In addition to considering how you’ll be funding the project, if you want to upgrade multiple rooms (such as doing the countertops in both your kitchen and your bathrooms), evaluate whether it’s cheaper to do them all at once or to complete one room at a time.

Lean on the Power of Fabrics

power of fabrics

Varying fabrics and textiles in the home are a simple but powerful way to add elegance and fun to your space.

For example, window treatments are a quick and easy way to make your house look more expensive. Luxury homes tend to feature lots of natural light and high ceilings. You can’t easily raise the ceilings in your home. But, you can create a nice illusion by installing your hardware and hanging your curtains near the ceiling.

It’s easy these days to add luxury with inexpensive decorating ideas. A growing number of major retailers are now offering semi-custom window treatments. They’ll use your window measurements and allow you to choose from a variety of fabric and trim combinations, truly elevating your windows.

Your pillows can also make a big difference. It’s less expensive to upgrade your pillow covers than it is to change out all of your pillows, and this can provide a nice change. Many stores are now selling silk or satin pillowcases, making these elegant options more accessible. You can also use decorative pillows in bedrooms to add more variety to the colors and textures in the room.

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Remember the Small Hall Decor Ideas

Small Hall Decor Ideas

When it comes to luxurious decorating ideas, every little detail matters. Even just a small and simple change can make a world of difference. If you have a walk-in closet, the addition of integrated lights can make the space feel more glamorous.

Linens may seem like an insignificant thing, but we use them frequently, and attention to detail can boost the feeling of luxury in your home. Consider using hotel style bedding or investing in monogrammed towel sets to make a quick and effective change. If you’re a reader, consider color coding your bookshelves. This creates a nice effect that many enjoy.

In the kitchen, open shelving can be a wonderful way to display unique and elegant dishes, cooking or serving utensils. For your bathrooms, the addition of a tub side table can make you feel like you’re bathing at a resort.

Candles, an arrangement of flowers, or the book you want to read while soaking are great things to put on this table. It’s also a great place to set jewelry or watches that need to come off before your bath.

Final Thoughts

Luxury in the home may feel like something out of reach due to time or budget, but there are many changes you can make to achieve this sentiment, regardless of any constraints you may face.

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