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Decor accessories are something that can personalize the space you live in and can make the style of your home more interesting. Furniture items, flooring, window treatments, and painting color are necessary, but while decorating your home, there are certain home decor accessories that you need because without them you cannot achieve the look you want. Some of them are listed below.

Decorative Pillows for Couch

pillow for decor
Source: www.decoraid.com

Home decor accessories like pillows never fail to inject colorful look in any room of your house. They are an easy and good choice when it comes to making your home feel cozy and inviting.

In addition, you will get better comfort if you add some of the comfy pillows on a sofa, chair, bench, or bed. No matter whether you choose geometric or texture design, and solid or a stripe design, decorative pillows add a wow factor wherever you place.

Add Wool Throw Blanket

decor with throw

Just like pillows, throws add color, texture, and warmth to your neutral furniture items. It doesn’t need to be placed only on a bed because you can drape throw over an armchair, sofa, or even an ottoman.

No matter how you style them (hanging up, fold, or drape), throws add interest wherever you place them. As an added benefit, throws also help in keeping you warm on winter days, specially woolen throw blanket can be amazing addirion.

Fabolous Marble Serving Tray

serving tray decor
Source: harlowejames.com

You should consider marble serving tray as a versatile home decor accessory because it can make a wonderful display by corralling your favorite decor items like a vase, candle holders, or anything else in one place. Rather than just serving food or drink, you can do much more with a serving tray.

For example, you can use it in your kitchen to keep beautiful bowls or use it in the front door to hold keys. You don’t have to worry about the placement of a tray because it can be used literally anywhere in the home, such as on a coffee table, ottoman, or bedside table.


mirror for decor
Source: www.designsponge.com

A mirror is an important home decor accessory that can create a feeling of spaciousness. Besides helping you to know your appearance, mirrors can also serve a decorative purpose. You can use a decorative mirror as an artful element in each and every room of your home. But make sure that if you want to include only one mirror then choose one which can match with other decor accessories, otherwise, you can buy a group of frameless mirrors if you want to include more than one mirror.

Wall Clock

decor with wall clock

Wall clock is the most versatile and practical décor accessory which can make a style statement in your home. Nowadays wall clocks are becoming valuable home decor pieces more than just for showing time.

It is an effective way to enhance the look of your entryway, hallway, bedroom, or a living room. So if you do not like to see plain white walls then start thinking of buying an interesting item like a colorful ball wall clock.

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bowls to decor
Source: www.sinkology.com

Bowls may sound boring as a decor accessory but when used creatively it becomes an attraction of your house. Having some bowls as a decor accessory in your home is great for a few reasons—you can use it for filling empty shelves of your bookcase, or you can make it a centerpiece by filling it with seasonal oriented items.


lamps for decor
Source: stadiummanager.co

Lighting accents are one of the most important elements of home decor accessories as they play an important role in augmenting the overall view of your home. You can easily create different moods in different areas of your home by using different types of lamps such as a floor lamp, table lamp, pendants lamp, wall lamp, or ceiling lamp.


vases for decor
Source: www.livesimplybyannie.com

The vase is the best choice when it comes to styling your corner, coffee table, dining table, nightstands, bookcase, and many more. Having a simple vase is always a good idea when you need a little height. You can use vase directly if it is decorative on its own rights otherwise fill it with fresh flowers to make it look beautiful.

Storage Baskets

storage baskets for decor
Source: www.junkmarketstyle.com

The storage basket is an essential home decor accessory that can be used to achieve an organized look in your home. A little thing like a basket can turn out to be a very useful addition to your home as it does not only provide an easy storage solution. It can also enhance the design scheme. You can use the basket on your side table or anywhere else to corral lots of things in.

Sculpture Items

sclupture items for decor
Source: squarespace.com

Sculptures may be unexpected home decor accessory for you but it can add an artistic touch to your space. So if you want to make a unique statement in your home then sculpture items are the best thing to include. No matter which shape and size you choose, it looks best wherever you place.

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From flowers in a vase to pillows on a couch, these decor accessories are sure to add finishing touches to any room of your home. You will be surprised to see how the look of your home can be changed after including these kinds of home decor accessories in your home.

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