Plant Decor Ideas that Freshen Up Your Space

plant decor ideas

Displaying plants in a different area of your home is a trend that never goes out of style. Not only plants are good at improving your home’s air circulation and make your space more pleasant, but also notably versatile as a design element at any space. Here plant decor ideas can be very helpful.

From lighting inspired to garden type arrangement, here are 11 different ways to display plants in any area of your home.

Multiply Your Favourite

plant decor with mirror

A combination of plants and mirrors create an unexpected view in any place. Incorporating mirrors in plant decor is a great way to multiply the effect of your favorite plants. Just like other decor items, you may also like more illusion of greenery, especially if you have fewer plants to decorate. So whenever you try to put or hang plants in your space, make sure they are placed in proportion to the mirror.

Amazing Accent Bookcase

decor like bookcase

As you all know, plants look great at almost every place so don’t be hesitant in displaying them on the bookcase. Put planters filled with greenery plants on some shelves of your bookcase. This will add life to your empty shelves plus divides the space.

Rustic Hanging Lights

hang the plant

Hang your plants with lighting objects such as pendants is the best way to display your plants especially if you have limited floor space. This will beautify your ceiling’s look plus creates a canopy over your dining table too. Try to hang your plants from the ceiling at different heights levels for a more interesting look.

Centerpieces Arrangements

Not only plants add a green touch, but they can also make a nice centerpiece. For this, you can put a few plants in planters and then place them in a neat row in the middle of your dining table.

put plants in center

Make sure the plants that you have chosen to display are not too big otherwise they may obstruct the views. This type of plant arrangement also looks perfect on other types of the table like a coffee table or dining table set.

Don’t Forget The Corner

corner decoration with plants

Try to make use of your empty corner space as well as your unused space while looking for a way to display plants. Decorating a home with plants does not limit to tables and window sills. You can fill the corner space or space between your sofa and chair by placing a few plants in stands. This little change can make your unused space more aesthetic and pleasant.

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Greenery Decor In Bathroom

There is nothing wrong with displaying plants in a bathroom especially those plants which grow in a steamy atmosphere. You don’t require a large space to place plants in a bathroom, just install some floating shelves on a wall and then display plants on it.

bathroom decoration

To make a look of the wall better, display a heightened plant at the center and then put low heightened plants at both sides of it at each shelf.

Mood Booster Arrangement

plants for work desk

It is a well-known truth that plants bring energy so why not put them around your workspace. Try to put only one plant at your desk because too many plants can take your working space. But if you want to add more plants for a healthier environment then you can place some plants near or above your desk.

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A Little Change

plants for kitchen decor

Add plants in your kitchen if you don’t want your space to become visually cluttered with crockery items. Take advantage of your kitchen cart or bar cart to display a collection of low maintenance plants rather than kitchen utensils.

Putting Them All Together

room decoration with plants

If you have different types of plants then display all together in one place. By placing different plants at various angles, you will automatically add texture to your space. This way, you can make a garden type display inside if you are not blessed with an outdoor garden.

Wall-Mounted Plant Decor

plants for wall decor

An easy way to display plants in your bedroom is to hang it above the nightstand. But if it is not possible due to any reason then mount plants on a wall. Secure your plants with baskets or planters before mounting directly on a wall. This type of plant display adds the right amount of warmth above or near the bed.

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Double The Impact

indoor plant decor

The look will never go ignored if you display your plants with other similar objects. If you have few plants and want to display them in a way that feels like green oasis then incorporate some wall art along with that. In this way, you can magnify the impact of your plants.

At last…

Want to add a touch of greenery in your home, but less confident when it comes to where to put plants? Just consider some of these ideas and you’ll realize that displaying plants is not as difficult as you think. Now, you know what to do so start making your home interior a standout feature of your decor using these plant decor ideas.

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