9 Captivating Living room Decor Ideas for Spring

living room decor ideas for spring

After a long cold winter, spring is a perfect time to add some color and freshness into your home. Do you want a spring look in your living room? Check out these ideas which show how you can change the look of your living room for spring. Whether your living room is small or big, by incorporating these spring decorating ideas, you will able to achieve that springy look which you always wanted.

From floral pattern to lively springtime motifs, these spring decorating ideas give your living room a springy look which nobody ever thinks of.

Here’s how to do it.

Springy Pillows

source: dorisleslieblau.com

Pillows are one of the best and quick ways when you want to update your living room space for spring. You just need to choose a few pillows which have spring inspired designs. The possibilities are endless when you want to put them, but for a good impact, you can place them on your furniture item like a chair or somewhere on the rug. Addition of colorful and textured pillows thorough out in your living room creates a fun feeling too.

Accessorise the wall with artwork

Freshen up your blank wall for spring with a mix of floral leaf and fruity patterned wall art. Try to choose bright colors such as orange, green, yellow, blue and red and combine them with nature inspires patterns in order to create a fresh look.

source: italianbark.com

You can revitalize your wall either with one large art or create a gallery wall with several wall arts. Both way it looks impactful. The main benefit is that the wall arts are cost-effective so you can easily update pieces every season.

Create a spring look with a colorful rug

living room decor for spring
source: contemporaryrugs.eu

Give your floor a perfect springy statement by cover it up with a rug. Besides looking stylish, it complements your other furniture items like a sofa or end table. Instead of choosing a plain rug, opt for a something brighter so that it can make a focal point. The floral prints in the rug will surely transform your floor space for springy mood.

Update your bookcase

spring family room decor
source: ninahendrick.com

Apart from storing books, your bookcase also has a spring refresh. So, improve the look of your bookcase by removing the winter dirt from it and placing some items such as floral, plants, baskets, or anything else that works for spring. By restyling your bookcase with seasonally appropriate pieces of decor, you are able to create a totally new look that set the tone of spring.

Add spring color using decor accessories

source: eksahomes.com

You can completely transform your living room space for spring by simply placing a different kind of decor accessories in a similar hue. After winter, update your decor accessories with spring in mind. Above image shows how you can nail the look by using different elements like flower vase, table lamp, pillows, and throws. Here, the glass inspired mint green decor accessories creates a feeling of nature too.

Create a sunshine look

home decor for spring
source: hips.hearstapps.com

If you want to create a spring ambiance in your living room, then give your space a harmonious feel by creating an overall yellow theme. You don’t have to repaint your wall to achieve this look. A single accessory or some small accents in any shade of this color can really change the whole mood of a space. For example, as shown in this image, the touches of yellow on armchairs, curtains, and tray give a spring look.

Views of nature

nature look for spring
source: thedesigntwins.com

There is no other better feeling than creating a nature-inspired atmosphere in your living room for spring. So, if you have an empty space behind your sofa then fill it up with plants and greenery. You can even place them in front of your couch on a center table. This is a simple way of showing your appreciation for nature during springtime.

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Dress up a focal point

living room decoration for spring
source: opimedia.azureedge.net

Your coffee table is essentially the centerpiece of the living room and it is the first thing that you see whenever you sit on your sofa, so it is worth to add a touch of spring on it.

As we all know that nothing says spring decor more than flowers, so do not forget to keep glass vase filled with beautiful flowers on your table and then complement it with other items like books and bowls.

Spring Basket

source: jane-athome.com

The corner of your living room is the best place to experiment with seasonal decorative items. If you want to achieve an organized look in your living room then spring basket is one thing you need (especially when space is limited). Spring baskets are really inexpensive and offer a functional impact. Don’t you think that this is the easiest way to give your console table or bar cart a spring facelift?


Spring is an exquisite reminder of how beautiful change can truly be and it is a great time to decorate your living room or freshen up things. It’s amazing how little changes and few pops of color can really transform your space for spring. These decorating ideas are sure to give your living room a fresh feeling for spring.

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