Easy tips to style Nightstand

nightstand style guide

Nightstand has a powerful potential to set the tone of your room. You can style your nightstand in order to express your unique creativity and taste.

Many questions have raised in your mind while nightstand styling such as, which accessories you should consider to put on? How to style nightstand in a proper way? Well, need not to worry about it because in this article we are sharing some easy and quick tips on how to style nightstand which not only helps to create a balanced space, but it will enhance the theme of your room space, as well.

Moreover, we are also giving you some idea of accessories that you can use to make your nightstand become a stylish focal point in your room.

Perfectly-scaled lighting

Lighting element on the nightstand is key that creates an intimate atmosphere in your bedroom. Lamps can range from basic to bold, and dimmed to dramatic. No matter what, lamps are important in nightstand styling because they are more of functional pieces than a decorative one.

A lamp is an artistic and important piece that complements your whole room quickly by providing soft light for reading and relaxing. Therefore, select a lamp that adds height to your nightstand.

lightning nightstand
source: synopress.com

This tip of nightstand styling uses two metal lamps which are placed both sides of the bed above your storage drawer nightstands that create a warm and gentle ambiance in your bedroom.

Layer with Art

It is completely true that nightstand styling is incomplete without art. For layering purpose, you can place some framed art on your nightstand that adds some creativeness in your bedroom. Do you have a favorite inspirational quote that inspires you all the time? Then place it in a frame on your nightstand.

nightstand with art
source: thisisourbliss.files.wordpress.com

This tip of nightstand styling will not only add style on your nightstand but also give you needed inspiration in the morning.

Add mirror

mirror over nightstand
source: decorpad.com

The designer mirror looks great on any wall and makes your bedroom look brighter and bigger. It improves the overall beauty of your nightstand with its uniqueness. If your room is small then you should try to hang a mirror on the wall behind your nightstand for the purpose of making your space feel larger than it actually is.

Get creative with personal touches

Framed photos offer a beautiful way to enhance the beauty of your nightstand. Hang those photos above your nightstand which you always want to see in the morning. Putting photographs on the nightstand is a nice way to remember the nearest and dearest people in your life. But while putting framed photos on your nightstand just make sure that the frame is not too thick.

personal touch
source: 12thandwhite.com

This tip of nightstand styling uses picture frames filled with photographs that really stands out with the contrast of the white theme, and especially when displayed with a metallic lamp. More ever this tip also helps you to create a cozy feeling in your bedroom.

Consider meaningful accessories

There are many different accessories that can be added to a nightstand to make it more appealing. The way in which you style your nightstand with accessories reveals the passion of you.

nightstand with accessories
source: stylemepretty.com

In this tip of nightstand styling, we show you how to style your nightstand with meaning accessories like clock as charm factor, a lamp for lighting, flowerpot as an organic piece, a unique trinket, and books that really shine when styled in pairs.

Most people think that which items they use for decoration purpose of their top surface of the nightstand because it is the first thing you see when you wake up. So just make sure that whatever combination of items you decide to display will enhance the theme of your space.

Give it a new look with Paint

A nightstand is an easy, and fun way to bring a certain amount of color to your room. If you have a nightstand that style does not match with the other bright decor of your bedroom furniture then painting is a good way of changing the look of your nightstand and make it more beautiful.

nightstand makeover
source: faceliftfurniture.com

A simple nightstand doesn’t add any design value in your bedroom, but you can do some paint and apply styling design techniques to give it a charming antique look.

Add books

You can improve the style of your nightstand by adding some pretty books on your nightstand. The way in which you place your books on nightstand express yourself and your sense of style.

nightstand decor with book
source: homebunch.com

In this tip of nightstand styling, you need to make the little stack of your favorite books that personally inspire you. You can also place white flowers inside glass vase that not only help to style your nightstand but make your space feel peaceful as well.

Choose secret storage

storage box
source: thediyplaybook.com

While styling your nightstand there are certain items which you do not want to display directly on your nightstand. So in this tip of nightstand styling, use one rectangle shape leather box as a storage piece. This Leather box provides hidden storage for your headphones, sleeping masks, rings, earrings, watch, or other items you wish to disguise. This decorative box serves many functions as well as help you to keep your nightstand stylish too.

Vary in height, shape, and size

It is not necessary that you display all of your decor items at the same height on your nightstand. In fact, items with different heights, sizes, and shapes will make your space visually consistent and adds a more stylish appeal in your room.

nightstand decor
source: tealandlime.com

In this tip of nightstand styling, tall sky shaded lamp for height, medium-sized art, a stack of books, and faux plant with the wooden vase for mid-level beauty. You can also use a black monogrammed mug and tray that makes a statement when thoughtfully displayed as a stylish object on your nightstand.


A nightstand is an important furniture piece for bringing serenity in your sleeping quarter. Styling your nightstand is very important because it can change the overall look of your bedroom.

Instead of using your nightstand as a storage space, you can use these tips of nightstand styling that help you to create the nightstand of your dream. Make your bedroom functional, beautiful, and attractive by using these simple tips of nightstand styling.

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