Most Effective Ways to Clean an Area Rug

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A rug is the best center of attention and can be a significant investment in decor. To preserve your investment and rug’s beauty, try to keep it clean. In this blog, you will be able to know how to properly clean your area rug. As an added benefit, you will also learn exactly what types of cleaners are being used on different types of rugs so that your floor looks spotless and fresh no matter what type of rug you have.

Basic Step

Each type of rugs requires different cleaning care. So before you get started cleaning of any type of rug it is important to check the label first to determine whether it should be dry-cleaned, spot-cleaned, or only hand washed. After understanding the instructions that present on the care label, you can easily determine the safest way to clean an area rug.

How to Deep Clean Area Rugs by Material

Wool Area Rug

You’ll Need

  • Rug beater
  • Vacuum
  • Lint roller
  • A bucket of cold water
  • Laundry detergent
  • Sponge
  • Hose

Step 1: Take it outside

Take your rug outside before you deep clean the rug. If the forecast looks clear, hang your rug outside either over a clothesline or fence to kill germs. With a proper rug beater, whack the rug to remove embedded dirt from it.

Step 2: Vacuum It

rug vacuum cleaning

Wool rugs have tiny pores where dust and debris hides. Run a vacuum over the rug to clean out those particles that weren’t removed by the beating. Place a rug on a clean floor and vacuum the surface of the rug in a “V” shape to alternate the vacuum direction. Once you have finished your vacuuming process on the top surface, flip the rug and repeat the process on the backside. It is best to use a suction only vacuum on wool area rugs as it prevents the fiber of the wool rug from getting damaged.

Step 3: Remove Pet Hair

lint roller to clean rug

Sometimes a vacuum cleaner is not powerful enough to remove fur and hair of dog or cat that is deeply embedded in the foundation of the wool rug. Try sticky lint roller that can quickly remove pet hair from your rug.

Step 4: Wash It

Once all of the dirt and pet hairs have been removed from the rug, wash it. In a bucket, make a cleaning solution by mixing cold water and a tablespoon of laundry detergent made specifically for wool. Test the cleaning solution in a small area of the rug before a wash to check whether the colors bleed or not. If color bleeds then wash the rug in a dry cleaner. If a color doesn’t bleed, apply this solution on the entire surface of the rug with a sponge. Try to avoid carpet shampoo or hot water on a wool rug as they could shrink the wool rug.

Step 5: Rinse It

rinse the rug

Next, rinse all the applied cleaning solution out of the rug thoroughly with the flow of clean water using a hose.

Step 6: Dry It

Dry your rug to remove any excess moisture from the rug. Instead of placing a wool rug in a dry cleaner, you can either dry it by squeezing it or hanging it outside on the clothesline.

Jute or Sisal Area Rug

You cannot apply water in these types of rugs as it can distort the rug’s fiber and releases brown oils when wet.

You’ll Need

  • Dry cleaning powder
  • Brush
  • Vacuum
  • Baking soda

Follow the below steps for regular cleaning of jute or sisal rug.

  1. Sprinkle dry cleaning powder on the surface of the rug and leave for a few hours.
  2. Gently clean your rug using the stiff bristle brush to remove small particles of powder.
  3. Run a vacuum over the surface of the rug. You can even vacuum the backside of your jute or sisal rug so that it collects dust that is underneath.
  4. In case of stains, instead of using shampoo, apply baking soda to a clean cloth and blot it at the area which contains stains. It also helps in eliminating the bacterial odor from your jute or sisal rug.
  5. Dry a moisture part immediately using a hairdryer.

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Cotton Area Rugs

You’ll Need

  • Broom
  • Vacuum
  • Rug shampoo (or a mild detergent)

Step 1: Remove Dirt

Take your cotton rug outside and broom it smoothly to remove dust that is trapped within the rug.

Step 2: Clean It

If your cotton rug is small, you can clean it in the washing machine on a light setting and then let it air dry in a shaded place.

Step 3: Shampoo Your Rug

Perhaps you have a rug that does not fit in the machine, place it on a floor and sponge it with rug shampoo. If you don’t have rug shampoo (made specifically for the cotton rug), you can make your own solution by mixing three tablespoons of mild detergent in a gallon of cold water. Now, apply the solution to your rug and rub it in the direction of the nap side. After sponging, rinse the rug using clean water and then roll it up with dry towels to remove water from the rug.

Step 4: Let the Rug Dry

dry the rug

After rinsing, dry your rug as soon as possible because wet rug can build mildew and creates bad odor over time. Don’t dry your cotton rug directly in the open sun as it can ruin the color of the cotton rug. The fan works well when you need to dry both sides of your rug in less time.

Step 5: Vacuum It

Your rug’s material may be compacted during the washing and drying procedure. In order to restore its proper appearance, all you need to do is vacuum it both sides thoroughly before putting it back in place.

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