9 Easy Bathroom Storage Solutions You Should Know

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No other area of home creates much issue with storage as does a bathroom. Your bathroom will never look clean and organized without proper bathroom storage solutions especially if it is small. Are you not happy with less floor space or cluttered countertop?

Not have a better idea of where you should put bathroom essential items? Don’t worry. Here are 10 bathroom storage solutions which will help to put all your essentials efficiently and make the space more workable.

Baskets Always Work

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Whether wicker or wire, baskets make impressive storage in your bathroom space. Yes, it is true especially if bringing in cabinets and other furniture is not possible for you. Buy baskets of various sizes and place them in different areas of your bathroom like under the sink, on your shelf, or near the door.

Simple and beautiful, storage baskets are great to keep towels, magazines, and nonessential toiletries organized. In addition to that, their rustic nature adds visual interest in your bathroom space.

Try a Bathroom Storage Ladder

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If you live in a rented home and the homeowner does not allow you to put holes in the walls (even for hooks), use the storage ladder. This bathroom storage solution doesn’t need any structural changes; you simply need to lean it against the wall.

A ladder not only looks unique but also provides good space for putting dry towels, baskets, vases, and bath mats. There are different types of ladders available in the market, choose one according to the available space you have.

Clear the Floor with Bathroom Floating Shelf

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No floor space? No need to worry. In a small bathroom, you can make better use of wall space by installing floating shelves. It is easy to install and looks good too. This functional shelve can be used to comfortably hold various bathroom items including towels, candle holders, or decorative vases.

Incorporate Bar Cart into Your Bathroom

bar cart for bathroom storage
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Bar cart does not only belong in the bar and kitchen area, it is a valuable addition to the bathroom too. So bring in a cart and use its different selves for storing different items. For instance, one shelf for napkins and paper rolls and another for boxes and plants. It is a convenient bathroom storage solution because you can bring it closer to you when bathing and move out of the way when cleaning.

Use the Space over the Toilet as Storage

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Not all bathrooms have the space required for a cabinet that sits on the floor. In such a case, take advantage of unused space above the toilet tank by adding a storage rack. This is a popular bathroom storage solution that keeps items like towels, toiletries, phone holders within easy reach. Each shelf of the rack stores a variety of bathroom items while also maintaining a clean look.

Add Bathroom Vanity for More Storage

bathroom vanity storage
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If you have some space in your bathroom, think about investing in good bathroom vanity. Vanity does not only provide adequate storage but also makes a good focal point. Its drawer space is perfect to keep your cleaning supplies, bath products, spare toilet paper rolls out of sight.

Tidy up Counter Space with a Tray

use tray
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Do not put items here and there on your countertop. Instead, use a tray to corral small items like perfume, skin care products, shampoo, lotion, hairpins, and combs. Useful and charming, the tray is a nice storage solution for the small bathroom. It will help you to keep your counter surfaces look much cleaner and allow you to quickly access items during morning rush.

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Make Use of Hooks

use hooks
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Do not forget to make use of hooks wherever possible in your bathroom. These simple items are very effective in hanging clothes, towels, baskets or anything else. In a small bathroom, Hook is great for keeping the items off the floor and is the best way to maximize vertical space.

Leave No Space Wasted

inside cabinet storage
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Instead of wasting any space in a small bathroom, take advantage of every storage opportunity, even the unusual spots. Attach magnetic containers inside the cabinet door to keep your lightweight items, such as nail polish or toothbrushes organized.

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At last…

No matter how clean you keep your bathroom regularly, an absence of proper storage solution leads to bringing down your bathroom look. Remember that, you start and end your day with your bathroom, therefore make it organized and good to look at. Whether your bathroom is small, large or shared, try a few of these easy ideas for instant improvement.

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