Ways for Taking Care of Your Wood Furniture

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Wood furniture enhances any place of your home due to the natural color and shine of it. If you have plenty of wooden furniture in your home then it becomes important for you to know about how to best care for them.

Whether it is a small chair or a spacious sofa, all require care to maintain the look of the pieces. The better you care about it, the longer it will stay in good condition. Here are some simple and effective ways of taking care of your wood furniture.

Keep furniture out from sunlight

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The ultraviolet rays of the sunlight can change the color or shade of natural wood and make it appear dull. Therefore it is better if you do not leave a chair, sofa, coffee table in direct contact of sunlight for a prolonged time.

This rule applies the same for other wood furniture pieces too. In case you have too many windows in your space, put up curtains or blinds as it blocks out harmful rays coming from the open window. Sometimes strong artificial light can harm furniture by fading paint layers. So, it is best to only turn on the light when you need it.

Control humidity level

The humidity level in your home changes when the weather changes. Variations in humidity can affect the structural integrity of the wooden furniture over time. If you live in a moist environment, you can run a dehumidifier to control excess moisture so that you protect your furniture from swelling.

Conversely, in a dry area, running a humidifier will protect the furniture from shrinking and cracking. Try to keep the atmospheric humidity level between 40 to 60 percent range all-time for better maintenance.

Place your furniture in the right place

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You must check whether the location where you put it is right for your furniture or not. For best-taking care of your wood furniture, you should avoid placing them adjacent to heat sources such as fireplaces, heaters, radiators or in front of the high air conditioning flow. Also, make sure your furniture is away from damp space or walls. This will ensure that your furniture remains protected from structural damage like gaps or cracks.

Dust it well

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Any wooden furniture catches dust easily. Little dust particles may not seem harmless to you, but it can remove the original shine of your wood furniture if enough build-up. So whenever you see the layer of dirt on any furniture, wipe it using a soft cloth. For ornate carvings or hard to reach places, you can use a feature duster. It is a good way to keep your valuable furniture glowing all the time.

Clean stain immediately with the right products

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Regardless of what kind of stain occurs on your wood furniture, clean it immediately, otherwise, it will create a permanent mark on the furniture. Be sure to wipe the stain using the non-abrasive cleaning product. Do not use ammonia or silicon-based cleaners as it can discolor the product and makes your furniture dull. Better, if you use a specialized cleaning product mentioned in the care label.

Wax wood furniture timely

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If your furniture is in daily use, waxing is an effective way to preserve the furniture from drying. Waxing the furniture once in three months gives a fresh shiny look to it and will help the drawers not to get stuck while opening. Soft-paste like beeswax is a good polish for the surfaces of most wooden furniture.

Avoid heat damage

The natural wood used in wooden furniture is highly susceptible to heat. Heat can damage the original texture of the furniture permanently. Therefore, never put an extremely hot object on the surface of the wood furniture. If you do not have a tablecloth on your dining table then at least make use of trivets or coasters while serving hot dishes on its polished surfaces. It is an easy way to avoid heat damage and protect the surface from food or drink spills.

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Prevent your furniture from getting scratch

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You probably use a tabletop for a dresser, nightstand, or dining table for putting your items on it. But putting sharp items on it leads to scratches which never looks good on your fine wood furniture. Therefore, you should avoid putting sharp objects like cutlery, knives, blades, forks, scissors, etc. directly on the surface.

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In addition to this, when you move the items like a vase, candle holder, heavy glasses from the glossy surface, lift them and place them at a particular place instead of dragging.

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Generally, people choose wooden furniture over other materials due to the sophistication and grace they add to the overall decor of their home. But, to keep your fine wood furniture in the best condition possible during everyday usage, proper care needs to be taken. By considering the above things, you’ll be right on your way to maintain your furniture for a long time or at least you do not buy a new one.

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