10 Trending Home Design Ideas For 2023

trending home design ideas

The last year was for rose gold, subway tiles and exposing lighting. They were some of the top furniture trends and with the new year, new home design, new style, patterns, and timeless pieces are on the way to fresh takes on the old style.

The furniture you choose is undoubtedly important and it’s often the key element of any room. Well, to create a beautiful room, you don’t need to think about only painting, flooring but it includes everything.

Let’s talk about furniture trends that will make their presence feel in 2023.

Melancholy Interior

The contrast you create on particular pieces such as dining chair, faux leather seat with grey fabric is certainly back on trend. And what’s back on trend will surely trend more than before.

For walls and upholstered furniture, grey, violet, emerald green and navy are some of the top picks this year.

If you have a good taste of interiors then this will the best picks for your home.

Floral Patterns

Whatever you choose will be on trend this year. While talking about patterns then floral patterns will be on trend this year. If we look at the floral patterns then we get to see contrast colors and which looks really beautiful.

floral pattern decoration
Source: Houzz.com

What the decorators find, you know?

Well, they get to find the excessive proportion and contrasting colors which will be used for this abiding pattern.

Geometric Patterns with Art Deco

As seen in the floral patterns, consolidate geometric patterns are no new trend. But in this year, the geometric patterns are likely to become a dramatic presence. The trend of a geometric pattern will make a bold statement to any room. And the colors, it will be bolder with oversized patterns. Well, a great and easy way to consolidate this pattern to your home. One of the must try home design in the recent time.

Geometric shape decor

Copper And Brass Accents

In the past year, rose gold was the most used decor trend. And we are expecting to see more copper accents and less rose gold in this year. Copper is much needed and its red and orange tones are there to give earthy hue.

copper accent decorWhile brass, it is a warm and subtle alternative to the expected steel accents. It is said that, this is the year where we wave goodbye to polished nickel and stainless steel and make way for brass accents.

Rich Color Palette

According to designers, this year will be the year where bold colors are preferred. Your home will look beautiful and attractive if the colors are used in the right manner. And of course, the colors which will not fade and become dull. Try this kind of home design & you’ll never regret it.

colorful decoration
Source: hgtv.com

Lookout for statement pinks, bold yellows, organic greens, and dramatic reds. The riches hues which will make your home more muted furnishings and decorative decor pop.

Midnight Velvet

Velvet is a multi-dimensional fabric and it is already seeking a lot of attention. The designers believe that the velvet will be the most desired trend.

velvet based decor
Source: decoraid.com

Did you know?

Velvet has seen old fashion and stuffy. But now? Now it is seen as luxurious yet funky. So the velvet is going to be on trend and it will be loved more and more.

Vintage Pendant Lighting

There must be appropriate lighting in each of the corners of your home. And this year is bringing the vintage lighting trend which will be seen more in brass and copper finishes.

vintage light decoration
Source: rjeneration.com

Vintage lighting with upholstered sofa set are expecting to see will be less exposed to lighting and more of vintage pendants. This year will be a year where lighting designs will come together in accordance.

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70’s Chic

As the old styles are getting back in trend, the 70’s chic style is said to be back such as velvet and geometric patterns. These two are most expecting to see many nods to the 70’s epoch.

70s decoration
Source: artificialplantsandtrees.com

But, many of us might don’t know what the 70’s era was about. Well, the 70’s chic decor was abstract silhouettes, warm palettes, and funky textures. So it’s likely to be back with a consolidating trend that will bring out amazing personality into every living room and dining room.

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Case Wallpaper

You might not know about the wallpaper trend in the home and many people were avoiding wallpaper. Last year was a great year for the wallpaper trend as the use of wallpaper in the home was more.

It will happen the same in this year but it will be seen in print. Case wallpaper is making a splash of its pops and its natural uniformed lines are expecting to be trending.

Natural Elements

Designers say that this will be the year of natural elements rather than artificial elements in the home. We have seen a dominating tech-obsessed decor in previous year. Now, this year will move towards the fresh trends such as copper, granite, stone.


Whether you’re drawn to the moody elegance of melancholy interiors or the vibrant energy of bold colors, these home design trends offer something for everyone. So, embrace your creativity and personalize your space to reflect your unique style and create a home that inspires you. With these trends as a guide, you can transform your house into a haven of comfort, beauty, and functionality in 2023.

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