How to clean sofa with the most effective way possible?

sofa cleaning ideas

It’s quite a general question from everyone who uses a sofa that How to clean a sofa in a proper way? Because even a few bad stains and spills can ruin the overall appearance of your sofa. Are you eager to remove dust and stain on your sofa? Then use these quick and best ideas that can make your sofa cleaning process easier.

Everyone knows that cleaning of a sofa is a tricky task, especially after a long day work. Need not to worry because in this article some ideas are given regarding sofa cleaning that you can use to preserve the beauty and quality of your sofa.

Determine the type of your sofa material

It is important to know the material of your sofa before cleaning because you can’t clean all the fabric in the same way. The material type is generally displayed on the labels. There are some tags inside the labels.

You can read the instructions written on the labels so that you can know which cleaning products you should use to properly clean your sofa.

Here are the tags with its meaning:

  • SW:Solvents and water-based cleaners” That means you can either use dry cleaning solvents or water-based detergents for sofa cleaning.
  • S:Solvents” That means you can only use solvent – based cleaner for sofa cleaning.
  • X: That means you can use a vacuum for cleaning a sofa.
  • W:Water-based cleaner” That means your sofa can be cleaned using water.

Use a vacuum cleaner

Once you’ve checked the labels, you should remove any large particles from the surface of the sofa. For this, you can use a hand vacuum cleaner or the brush attached vacuum cleaner for sofa cleaning. Vacuum is the most versatile cleaner in your home if you know how to use it. All the extra dirt, debris, food crumbs, and dust present on the surface of your sofa can be easily removed with the help of the vacuum cleaner.

sofa cleaning with vaccum cleaner

If your cushion is not attached to a sofa, then remove it and vacuum all areas of your sofa. The vacuum cleaner also has smooth brush attachments which you can use for removal of grime particles that present in the crevices. Before applying vacuum cleaner on your sofa, just make sure the edge of a brush is not too sharp because it might scratch or damage the material of your couch.

The cyclone technology of the vacuum cleaner finds the micro mites. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction that can quickly remove dust on your sofa and make it clean.

Use Lint roller

After vacuuming if you find any fur and hair of dog or cat on your sofa then you must use a lint roller that can quickly and effectively remove what the vacuum cleaner can’t.

use lint roller for sofa cleaning

Lint roller works in a systematic grid across the entire surface of the sofa and helps to remove pet fur that creeps into the smaller area.

Base cleaning

While doing sofa cleaning, you should also give attention to the base of your sofa. For base cleaning, you can wipe down the sofa feet.

sofa cleaning solution

Make a cleaning solution of warm water and liquid dish soap. Dip a soft microfiber cloth in this solution and wring it out so that the cloth is damp, not completely wet. A microfiber cloth is ideal for this task as it won’t scratch the base of your sofa.

Remove tough stains

After you’ve finished base cleaning, see if there are any spot or stain on your sofa. It is better to remove spill or stain as soon as they occur because if you wait even for a few minutes then it is harder to get out. Before removing a stain on your sofa, you must check the manufacturer’s cleaning instruction so that you can know which detergents you should use for sofa cleaning.

In order to get rid of stains on your sofa, you can use the following steps:

  1. Make a cleaning solution by combining one tablespoon white vinegar, one tablespoon dishwashing liquid, and 2 cups warm water in a bowl. But if you have a leather sofa then use olive oil instead of water.

    tough stain remove solution
  2. Dip a smooth cloth in this cleaning solution and wring out the cloth so that the cloth is damp and not wet completely.
  3. Lightly rub that over the surface of the sofa which contains stain. While rubbing, just make sure that it doesn’t harm the texture of your couch.
  4. Once you had removed the stain, take one soft cloth and wipe it in damp areas in order to remove any moisture.
  5. After that, dry your couch naturally or else you can use a clean handkerchief that removes any remaining drops of water and make your sofa shiny. Do not use any colored handkerchief as the color may sometimes transfer onto the couch.

This idea of sofa cleaning is safe and can be applied whenever you find a spot, spill, or stain on your sofa.

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Use kitchen ingredients for removing odors

Once you had removed the stain, now it’s time to remove any unpleasant odors. If you are worried about your dirty and smelly sofas then use kitchen ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar which does not only keep your sofa clean but also help to make it hygienic.

use kitchen ingredients

For this, you just need to sprinkle out the mixture of baking soda and white vinegar over the entire sofa. Wait around half an hour and then wipe away the remains small particles of the baking soda with a soft cloth.


A sofa is the most used furniture which adds a touch of elegance in everyone home. But if your sofa contains harmful contaminants such as dust, bacteria, crumbs, spills, grime, and pet hair then it looks unpleasant and nobody likes to seat there. So if you want your sofa to be sparkling clean and tidy then use these ideas of sofa cleaning which can make your sofa look as good as new.

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