Tips to Clean and Maintain Rattan Furniture

tips to clean and maintain rattan furniture

Rattan furniture was famous in the 1970s and it’s still a popular choice for many people because of its look, durability, and robustness. But elements like dust, dirt, and bird dropping are easily nestled into weaves which can make your furniture look dirty.

If you have rattan furniture inside or outside your home, then you are surely eager to know how to maintain its strength and natural look. You will be glad to hear that it is easy to do so. Here are the effective tips you’ll need to follow to keep your rattan furniture in the best state all the time.

Clear Off Loose Dirt Regularly

remove lose dirt of rattan furniture

Rattan furniture has a cavity that collects dust or other small particles easily. So the first step in caring for your rattan furniture is to remove surface dust regularly. This will not only keep your furniture looking its best but also helps prevent grime build-up.

Wipe the surface dust with a clean cloth. You can use a toothbrush to remove dust present in crevices and between the weaves. If you want to use a vacuum cleaner then set the lowest suction setting and use the soft brush attachment to prevent damage.

Clean Gently

clean gently rattan furniture with soap

To deep clean your rattan furniture, make a cleaning solution by mixing two tablespoons of mild detergent, a few drops of ammonia, and one gallon of water. Now, dip a sponge into the solution, squeeze it, and then gently rub the entire surface with it.

Do not forget to rinse off any detergent residue with a clean cloth. After cleaning, turn your furniture upside down and dry it completely before you put the cushions back. Repeat the cleaning process monthly for the best result.

Note: You should avoid the use of an abrasive cleaner on rattan pieces because it is not necessary and can remove paint color.

Treat Mildew Immediately

treat mildew on rattan furniture

If you place your furniture in a humid climate outdoors then there is a chance of mildew to form. There is no need to worry if you see mold or mildew appear on your furniture. Just clean the affected area immediately using a solution of bleach and warm water. Apply this cleaning solution using a soft-bristled brush and then dry it outside in the sunlight quickly. If you have storage furniture then make sure you clean the inside part too.

Apply Liquid Wax

apply liquid wax on rattan furniture

Once a year, you should use specially formulated liquid wax. If the finish of your rattan furniture starts looking dull, apply a thin layer of wax over the surface. This will help strengthen the rattan fibers and retain their shine. If you don’t have liquid wax in your home, lemon oil will work the same.

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Protect Furniture Legs

take care of legs

The feet of your rattan furniture require special maintenance too. You should put felt pads or rubber stoppers under each leg to reduce the possibility of breakage and splitting. This is especially important to do if your furniture set is placed on damp grass or hard-stone surfaces. And, another thing is that if you need to move an outdoor furniture set then lift it instead of dragging it so that there is no excess stress to the fibers.

Add Shade

add shade

Rattan furniture is strong and can be used outdoors but bad weather can make them break down over time. A good tip to maintain your furniture is to cover them whenever you aren’t using them. A protective cover will keep your outdoor table, chairs, and sofa safe from elements like sunlight or heavy wind. Alternatively, you can use an umbrella or canopy during the rainy season. A little shading can do much to increase the longevity of your outdoor wicker furniture.

Fix Any Damage

Due to excessive dryness, rattan furniture may crack or split. Fix the problem immediately so that you can prevent further damage from occurring. Small damage can easily be fixed by using linseed oil. Apply it in a damaged area until the damage is less noticeable and then use a rag to wipe the surface. If damage is more and you can’t fix it then you can take professional help.


Rattan furniture adds interest to any place it is placed in and works with various decor styles. Whether your rattan furniture is made of natural material or synthetic material, proper maintenance is important to keep it strong, functional, and beautiful. Good covering, regular dusting, and monthly deep cleaning can keep your rattan furniture in good condition for years to come.

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