Tricks to Give Your Home the Perfect Summer Feeling

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Transform your home into a summer sanctuary with simple tricks that invite brightness and warmth into every corner. By incorporating vibrant colors, lightweight fabrics, and natural elements, you can effortlessly evoke a summer feeling throughout your space

The brighter morning, chirpiness of the birds, cool evening breezes, and warmer nights reminds that summer is here. It is time of the year to make some changes in your home so that it does not give a monotonous feeling of cozy winter.

Thinking of redecorating your home for summer? Here are some easy and impactful tricks through which you can add much-needed summer feeling to your home with minimal effort.

Let Sunshine In

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Summer is the time of the year when most people love to have natural sunlight and fresh air inside the home. One of the simplest tricks to make your home airy is to open the windows and pull back the curtains if present. A well-placed mirror can also do wonders in making your space brighter and airier by bouncing more light.

Add More Plants to Your Space

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Summer feels real when there is an appearance of a green touch inside of your home. So, you need to figure out the options through which you can raise the amount of greenery in your home. Plants give a cool and fresh feeling, especially in the summer when the air is getting hotter than common.  Place them at the main entryway, in empty corners, near your sofa, and of course on a coffee table, or where you spend a lot more time.

Spruce Up Your Entryway For Summer

One of the effortless tricks to add summer feeling into your home is to update your entryway look. But, it doesn’t mean you have to completely overwhelm your entryway. By just hanging a wreath on a door and putting decor accessories like stylish mirrors and trendy candle holders, you can make your entryway look summer-ready.

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You can even lay down a rug on the floor and place pillows on your couch to create a functional and welcoming entryway for the new summer season. This will create an impression of your home whenever you or your guests enter your home.

Set a Colorful Table

Summer is the right time to introduce a splash of color everywhere, especially in a dining table space where your family members or guests gather. Instead of dark color, add bright and cheerful hues like red, orange, pink, and yellow in your space so that it does not seem dull.

set colorful table

Consider placing a colorful rug beneath your dining table and chairs and displaying attractive kitchen accessories like bowls, glasses, and serving trays to create a perfect seasonal look. You can even make your dining table more presentable by adding some colorful dining chairs.

Embrace a Floral Motif

floral motif

Add a flower touch if you feel that you have nothing exciting in an area where you spend more time in summer- your bedroom. Fill a vase with flowers and put them on a windowsill, nightstand, makeup vanity set, or dresser. You can also add floral motifs above your bed by hanging wall art which has the asymmetrical flower print. This way, you feel “wowed” whenever you are there in your modern bedroom.

Create a Relaxing Outside Space

relaxing outspace for summer

Summer’s evening is a time when most people would like to spend time outside in the fresh air rather than inside. If you have an outdoor garden, porch or balcony then why not bring a touch of summer there also?

By just hanging a swing chair and putting greenery around them, you can make your outdoor space relaxing as well as cool for a warmer summer.  This is the best trick to make summer feeling last longer in your outdoor space.

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Style Your Fireplace

style your fireplace

If you’re believing that your fireplace has no use in summer, then you are wrong.  By just adding a little detail, you will be able to make your mantel space more attractive for summer. Try to display ocean-inspired wall art, candle holders, glass vases, or any other items which have a fantastic view. You can also add a basket and rattan chair around it if you want a more rustic feel for summer.

Summer Texture

give summer texture

Mix pattern and texture to keep your home interesting for summer. You can mix pattern and texture at one place like a pro by swapping removable covers of your chair and pillows. Furthermore, Add pillows which have botanical prints and pair it with a throw in the green shade on your couch if you want to achieve the tropical look.

Combine Blue and White

combine blue and white

The mixture of blue and white is ideal for the summer season as it makes you feel like you’re near the sea. A dark blue mixed with a light white creates a calming effect that is not boring for summer. Obtain this look by combining blue and white stripe through decor accessories and statement accents such as a rug, pillows, wall art, or anything else that showcase elements of summer.


If you want to spruce up your home for summer with just easy updates, follow the tricks suggested above. Everything from bright colors and floral prints to beachy art and tropical texture, these tricks give your home a perfectly fresh and bright look you’ll love for summer.

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