9 Cool and Sumptuous Teen Bedroom Ideas

There are fewer places where a teen can call their own space and the bedroom is their topmost preference where they can do whatever they want to do. If you want your teen bedroom to grow as your teen grows then you need to think beyond just bold walls, toys on the shelves and simple accent pieces. Want to know how? Continue reading this article to find out some inspirational, oh – so cool and sumptuous teen bedroom furniture decor ideas.

Make the ideal work nook for your teen bedroom

For most teenagers, a study is an important part either because of their career purpose or for their interest. So if you have space, creating a personal workspace is a nice idea for your teen.

ideal work nook for teen
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A study desk provides plenty of space for incorporating your teen’s books, files, and whatever important to them. Above the desk, you can glue sticky notes to let your teen write their important formulas and schedules. You should also consider adding wall art complete with inspirational quotes to encourage their work spirit. And, of course, don’t forget to place ample lighting and a comfortable chair near the desk.

Cool beach-side retreat

teen room beach side decor
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Sometimes when trying to give your teen bedroom a relaxing and cool feeling, all you need is to take little inspiration from the beach. Try changing your bedding including duvet and pillows in shades of light blue and turquoise. Beach themes can be included in your teen’s bedroom in many other ways, like, painting the wall or adding coastal themed decor accessories. If your teen often likes to see the view of the beach then he/she will surely love this kind of cool bedroom idea.

Invest in stylish furniture with storage

stylish furniture for teen room
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We all know that a teenage bedroom often gets messy. A kids desk with drawers, baskets, and storage bed are all excellent furniture ideas to store all your teen’s stuff and keep your teen’s bedroom clean. Other than that, you can also use wall units like a cube wall shelf where your teen can arrange their books according to how he wants. In this way, you succeed in creating an organized space without sacrificing your teen style.

Create a unifying theme

If your son or daughter has a favorite color in his/her mind then try to incorporate that color in a way that your teen loves it all the time. While not all the colors are age-appropriate, there is something about neutral colors that hold endless appeal.

unique theme for teen room
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Touches of the same color throughout a teen’s bedroom will help in creating a unifying theme that can make your teen room trendy and sumptuous. So ask your teen about a favorite color and then bring it to your kid room through the wall, floor, chairs or quality bedding.

Create a chill-out corner

A teenage bedroom is incomplete without creating a zone where he can enjoy with his friends after the heavy load of school. Set up a sitting area in the corner of their room by adding some lightweight seating like a small sofa, beanbags, or ottomans.

chill out decor your teen need
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An addition of a shag rug, accent pillows make the space comfortable for them and give their bedroom a chic vibe. This bedroom idea is nice for those teens who want a hangout space before going to bed or who wants to create a breakout area.

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Work on a particular theme

hockey theme for teen room
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For a truly cool teen bedroom idea, create a themed look whether it’s sports, music or travel that your teen has a passion for. There are many things you can do when it comes to creating your teen room according to the theme they like. For example, if your teen has an interest in hockey, creating a backdrop of a hockey stick above the bed, placing balls in a basket, or hanging a poster of a famous hockey player are just the things you need to do.

Incorporate prints through furnishing

printing theme for teen room
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Most likely, teenagers prefer a variety of prints for their bedroom, especially girls. A small but interesting print on pillowcases, bed sheets, curtains, rugs lends a beautiful vibe to your easy-going teen’s bedroom. However, you should keep your furniture simple if you decide to include prints in your teen room in order to maintain a casual look.

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Focus on the unique pieces

You will not be able to bring a smile on your teen face by just painting a wall in a bold color. As a parent, you must have to add some pieces that make your teen bedroom unique from the rest of their friends.

decor items for teen room
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Go for fashionable pendant lamps instead of a simple table lamp in order to get a touch of everyday sophistication in your teen room. The group of mirrors above the bed is a good addition to a fashionable teen. Apart from this, give your teen fun space to lounge by hanging a swing chair. The addition of different special touches will surely transform your teen bedroom from “Ok” to “Fabulous”.

Strike a balance

teen room decor balance
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Always try to create a balancing look when you are in a confusion of choosing a plain look or bold look. This teen bedroom idea is both timeless and on-trend. Want to know how to strike the right balance? First choose white color for a wall to create a clean, fresh and modern look. Similarly for pieces like a bed, headboard or nightstand and then include decor accessories in a bright color palette to keep your teen bedroom far from boring.

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For any teenager, a bedroom is like a special place where they are always there at the end of the day. Giving your teen’s bedroom a grown-up upgrade is not as difficult as you thought if you think a bit outside of the box. You just need to make your teen bedroom functional, cool or try to encourage his or her individual interest. Hopefully, from this article, you will find just what you’re looking for your teen.

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