8 Easy Tips to Organize Everything in Your Wardrobe

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A clean, organized wardrobe is best not only for finding items available in it easier but also for getting dressed each day quicker. If you don’t feel good to see your wardrobe disorganized every time you open it, it is time to make some changes to make it organized.

Here are 8 tips which can help you to organize everything including your collection of clothing and other things in your wardrobe.

Donate Unnecessary Clothes & Declutter Wardrobe

The first thing you need to do is to pull everything out of your wardrobe so that you have a better idea of what things you have inside it and what needs organizing. It may be possible that you will have unnecessary things in your wardrobe that do not belong to be there at all.

purge or donate cloth
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Toss everything on your bed so that when all items are in front of you, you will easily know what you really don’t need. Something good in condition but you don’t need anymore, donate it to a homeless shelter instead of putting back into the wardrobe.

In short, you should keep the item that you love but remove duplicates you don’t wear, items that don’t spark joy to you, and a piece that is damaged or out of style.

Organize Wradrobe Thoughtfully

organize wardrobe thoughtfully
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Once you discarded unnecessary items from your wardrobe, take some time to properly organize what’s left. Separate all your clothes by garment type like tops, pants, jackets, dresses, shirts, and so on. After separation, you should organize the clothes in a way that works for you in your antique wardrobe.

For instance, keep daily wear at eye level, occasional wear below and clothes that you wear a few times in a year on the highest shelves. With this tip, finding the clothes you need in the early morning will be less of a struggle.

Hang The Clothes Strategically

If you fold any delicate clothes like lightweight dresses, fancy items like tops, trousers, or sturdy items like blazers then chances are there to have creases appear on it. Therefore, it makes sense to hang up such types of clothing. But, instead of hanging them randomly, create an aesthetic arrangement inside your wardrobe by hanging your clothing into sections.

hang clothes strategically
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Within each section, try to hang longer items on the left and shorter items on the right or hang them by color or sleeve length. Hanging different types of clothes in a separate section is a good habit that makes seeing things easier when you are in a hurry.

Tip: You are about to fall in love with each shelf if you place a similar type of storage boxes in a remaining section after hanging the clothes.

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Keep items Neatly Folded & Stacked

neatly fold
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You should fold heavy items such as embellished marriage gowns or denim jeans to keep them from stretching. Similarly, you can stack your winter sweaters, especially knitwear and cashmere on shelves to save hanging space.

Use Drawers to Store Small Accessories

drawers to store small accessories
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Small items like socks, sunglasses, clutches, wallets, and accessories may get lost if you put them on the shelf. An easy way to organize such types of things is to store them in a drawer. Roll up socks, leggings, or any loose t-shirts before placing them in a section of a drawer so that it helps to maximize the space you do have.

Take Advantage of Wardrobe Door

wardrobe hanger
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If you do not have enough space in your wardrobe, you can make use of the inside door space to install a hanger or hook. With this tip, you will be able to see and access your routine items like scarves, hats, ties, belts, purses easily. This is the best way to use wasted door space.

Don’t Forget to Organize Shoes

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Don’t think that your work is over just by organizing your clothes and tiny accessories in the wardrobe. You need to also think about how you can better organize your shoes. Rather than keeping your shoes directly on a floor, place them on a shoe rack so that your collection will be full of the display. You can arrange your shoes on a rack in whatever manner you like. For instance, by style, by color or by activity(party wear shoes, work shoes, sports shoes, etc.)

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Maintain The Space

After doing all of these things, if you still do not have enough wardrobe space then you should maintain the space by doing a seasonal reorganization. keep items that you only use in a part of the year or any seasonal items out of the way to save wardrobe space.

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The wardrobe is generally difficult to keep organized due to regular access to clothing and other things in it. If you are having the stress of keeping your wardrobe organized then never worry about it again.

There are certain things you can do by which you could make your wardrobe organized and easy to use in less time. Use these tips so that you too can have a wardrobe space that’s easy to maintain and pleasant to pick outfits from.

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