How to Update your Rental Home without Damaging the Property?

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How to update a rental home? This is a general question for all people who live in a rental home. Updating a rental space can be challenging because there are some restrictions on living in a rental home. For example – no painting, no pitting holes, and many more. Fortunately, there are several ways with which you can update your rental home without doing any structural changes. Some of which are given below.

Hide ugly flooring with a smart trick

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The common problem which you found in a rental home is ugly flooring. Right? You can conceal your rental home’s unwanted and ugly floors by placing a mat at the entrance, runner in the kitchen, and a rug in a living room or a hallway. It will not only help to hide an awful floor but also adds texture in your rental space. So give your floor a clean and delightful look by placing rugs, mats, and runners.

Make use of Changing Mirror

use mirror to decor

An easy way to make a high impact with a simple object in your rental home is to add or changing mirror. Carefully placed mirrors – especially large ones can make your rental room look and feel bigger. So, if you’re feeling cramped in your rental home then try to place a large mirror near the window so that it brightens and opens up space by reflecting natural light.

Play with Solid Colors

use color for decoration

While trying to make everything look unique, sometimes you tend to forget about the color. Addition of the colorful decor accessory is the best way when your rental home has a lack of color. By incorporating pillows, throws, accent chairs, and vases with colorful flowers, you will certainly create a cheerful and relaxing atmosphere to your rental space. This is the best way to update your rental home at a low cost. Use solid colors to make cheerful enivornment.

Invest in useful furniture pieces that are also pretty to look at

As you already know that chances of large space are less when you are living in a rental home. To deal with small space, consider buying furniture pieces that maximize your rental space.

use multi use furniture

You can add the following pieces of furniture if you want to update your rental home without overwhelming it. The best part is that you can take it with you to your next home when you leave your rental space.

Ottoman: Not only it provides storage underneath, it functions as a sitting element and center table as well.

Nesting table: It helps to save your floor space and have a top surface where you can display your favorite things.

Sleepers: You can use it for both sleeping as well as for storing your extra clutter.

If you are living in a rental home due to the renovation of your own home is going on then these ideas can help you to save on renovation cost.

Upgrade the lighting system

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Most rental homes have outdated light fixtures which can make your space feel dark. But, it is not necessary that you have to be stuck with that because there are many options for updating old lighting in your rental space. For instance, table and floor lamps are good options for renters because it doesn’t require any drilling and no need for wiring. Addition of floor or table lamp will not only improve the ambiance but makes every imperfection of your rental home noticeable as well.

Rethink Your Modern Home Layout

make partition

When you want to create a separate zone of your rental room that serves multi purpose. But, your landlord does not allow you to build a wall at that time, make use of a rustic bookshelf. It helps in creating separate space for your hobbies. Another benefit of using a bookcase is that you can display attractive items on it.

An Easy Change

easy update of cabinet

You don’t need to invest in new doors or cabinets if you want to make a huge difference in your rental kitchen or bathroom. Just replace your old cabinet hardware with new ones. The best part is, it is really easy to do the installation yourself. But you have to safely store the old cabinet hardware so that you can screw them back when you leave.

Include Neutral Wall Art

use wall art to decor

Add style on your boring rental’s wall with attractive neutral wall art. If your landlord allows you to drill into the wall then there should be no problem with hanging art on it. But if not, you can use shelves to place your favorite wall art above your couch or you can display it in a bookcase. However, there are many other places that you can use to display art without the hassle of hanging it. For example, on top of cabinets, mantels, nightstand, and dresser.


Just because a rental home is not your own, it doesn’t mean that you can’t update it. Be creative, cover the not-so-pretty parts and give it those personal touches that make it feel like your own home. These are some of the best upgrades you can do if you’re living in a rental or if you’ve just moved into a rental home.

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