Period Furniture: The Colonial Dining Room

Last week, we sure did impress our guests in our authentically colonial living room! But would that be enough? Where would you, as a family, spend your most intimate time? Surely that would be your dining room, where not only do you take your three meals of the day, but be with the whole family and talk and discuss and resolve talks. So, how did that happen back in the colonial dining room?

Having the right color palette makes all the difference in a colonial make-over. If you are a large family, with the warmth and coziness typical of an American family, go for the warm palette – stick with the low tones of pine paneling and walnut finished furniture gleaming with the soft glow of the smoothly polished brass chandelier, house a Queen Annette style Oval Dining Table with Bannister back chairs upholstered in needlepoint fabric, cotton fabric or cut velvet. Match up the whole co-ordinate with a hook rug made in reds and greens. There, your dining room, exuding warmth, love, and care, is ready to take you in!

You’re bold. And we happen to have just the right assembly for your taste. Color the pine paneled walls light ochre and paint the niches a Chinese red. Let your curtains flow a full length of French blue and shades of blue, rust and beige dominate your Oriental rug. Exchange your current frame on the mantelpiece with a bold portrait done in shades of dark green, blue and black. Pair it up with furniture in mahogany finishes and you are ready to flash your super bold personality to everybody eating with you!

Subtlety more your style? We don’t leave the subtle ones amongst us behind. Go for an alternative color scheme of light blue-gray walls with cream niches. Put up curtains of oyster white silk, and your enchanting Oriental rug with a greenish tan background. Team it up with walnut finished furniture, creating a subtle contrast, thus reflecting the masters of subtlety, you!

Enough of the dining room dynamics shall move on the bedroom beauties next week! Adios!!!

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