Period Furniture: The Colonial Bedroom

Colonial bedrooms are yet another exercise in using colors and textures to get the right setting, only in a bedroom, these become tools to achieve the right level of warmth and intimacy. So let’s go ahead and know the tools.

Colonials were very creative when it came to decorating their bedroom. They experimented with the color palette; however, the mood was always maintained.  Let’s take a look at the early colonial bedroom where the poster bed, decorated with the hangings of crewel handiwork in Oriental design, is the most dominating feature. The side chairs are upholstered in yellow damask and green printed cotton tapestry very subtly complements the green in the hooked rug on the floor.

Let’s take a look at another setting. The paneled walls in gray and green, contrast with the ochre yellow ceiling; complement the green and gray antique satin curtains creating a two-tone setting. Set against this is the walnut finished furniture, only the bed being of a mahogany finish. Fireside chairs are upholstered in crimson damask in turkey work contrasting the yellow taffeta spread on the bed.

Another color scheme would be of warm gray walls with oyster white moldings. The cream ceiling, the taupe carpet, and blue damask curtains harmonize the gentle and austere setting with a white moiré spread bed and blue valance. Side chairs, again, shall be yellow damask.

Canopied beds, poster beds, and beds with crewel hangings were the rage of the time with rich colonials. Bedrooms were accessorized by wrought-iron candle stands and Chinese porcelain items. Walnut dressing mirrors were a high focal point in the colonial bedroom.

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