Feng Shui Your Living Room For Better Energy

Your living room is the social backbone of your home. It’s where you invite your guests to take a load off, relax and enjoy. Thus, it follows that you’d want to do everything in your power to make the most of the space. One way to do so is by utilizing the principles of feng shui.

The Chinese have been decorating these principles for hundreds of years. The basis of feng shui is the belief in the harms caused by blocking the direct path of energy into a room and trapping negative energies inside the space. When it comes to your sofa set, the Chinese principles of feng shui advise arranging your living room around your sofa to avoid energy blockage. This is not nearly as complicated as it might sound.

In a few easy steps, your living room can achieve the best energy circulation possible!

First, try to position your sofa and love seat in the corner furthest from the door and the window. Also be sure to place your sofa is in clear view from the doorway. Since the wall is a source of protection and stability, avoid having too much space between the wall and the sofa. Stay away from placing lights directly above your sofa. And finally, you can better direct the flow of energy by using screens or filters. Placing a screen near your window can direct the energy flow to wherever you need it most.

By keeping these considerations in mind, you are ensuring a living area free of negative energies.

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