Making Slipcovers for Your Furniture

Slipcovers are the perfect way to turn an old sofa into a new piece of unique furniture. Making a do-it-yourself slipcover is incredibly easy and significantly cheaper than purchasing a pre-made one. We will take you to step by step through the process. You will need are a tape measure, muslin cloth, and fabric.

Making a Slipcover:

  1. Measure your sofa set from the lowest point to the highest point. Then measure the width. Now, multiply the height by two and the width by four. Divide the total by 36. This will tell you how many yards of fabric you will need.
  2. Use a muslin cloth to create the pattern for the slipcover. Drape the muslin cloth from the back of the sofa all the way down to the bottom of the back. Use pins to hold in place. Use chalk to mark areas along the corners and bottom where you have to make a cut. Then do the same for the front. Repeat the process for the sofa arms, but make sure to leave an inch of seam.
  3. Cut along the marked and pinned areas. Use shears to cut the muslin. Remove the pieces one by one.
  4. Lay sofa fabric on a flat surface, inverted, so the design is facing down. Then lay the muslin cloth on top and cut the patterns on the fabric.
  5. Put the pieces together one at a time and then sew using a sewing machine.

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