Privacy and Style with Room Dividers

For most of us, our homes are not nearly as spacious as we would like. And for those of us living in urban areas, available space is at a premium. Apartment dwellers are forced to quickly become experts in multi-purposing (e.g.: using your recliner leather chair as dinner table seating). The room that looked huge when you signed the lease suddenly seems significantly less vast when you realize it has to function as your bedroom and living room, and sometimes a kitchen.

The lack of privacy in these smaller dwellings is also a real bone of contention for apartment owners. Using your main living space as both your living room and your bedroom means that nothing is off limits. Everything is on display. If you live with others (a significant other or family member), there is nowhere to go for alone time, which can lead to tension in the home.

The easiest way to solve this problem, apart from winning the lottery and moving to a palace, is with room dividers. These decorative pieces offer sleeping homeowners some privacy from the guests eating breakfast at the dinette set. Additionally, these dividers add texture and depth to a room that might otherwise lack these qualities.

You may not be able to do anything about the size of your home, but you can make it just a tad more private with room dividers.

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