How to Protect Chair and a Half from your Dog?

As much as pet owners love their furry little friends, we are not so in love with the amount of hair and fur they leave behind. We are also not crazy about their long nails either. But how can you protect Chair and a Half from pet hair?

Slipcovers for Sofa and Chair

If your pet is leaving a trail of hair and has a habit of scratching your expensive and fragile set of Chair and a Half, it is time when you start looking for slipcovers. Not only will these protect your furniture, but will also be easy to put on or remove. Dog hair will also be easy to get rid of with such covers. Shoppers assume such a great product will cost a good deal of money, but that is just a misconception. You can have these at very affordable rates both from online and local stores.

Now the next task to protect your furniture is keep trimming your pet’s nails. With trimmed nails, even with the hardest of efforts, it will not be able to spoil the shine with scratches. Try training your dog well to ensure that it behaves well. It will not be sitting on your expensive furniture if trained thoroughly and that will solve everything.

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