Game Night with Your Family

When our kids are infants and toddlers, there is nothing they want to do more than curl up on our sofa set together and read a book or watch a video. This is perfection to them, and us. But as our kids grow and mature, it can become increasingly difficult to keep their interest in family bonding time. Suddenly they have friends that are cooler than you and places to be that are significantly more important than hanging out at home on their parent’s Ashley Sofa Set.

While this is normal, and to be expected, parents often find themselves wishing for a little more bonding time with their growing kids. Child development experts concur. Figuring out ways to engage your preteens and teens in family bonding is vital for keeping the lines of communication open. Often, this involves a little creativity. Rarely will the suggestion of sitting down to talk inspire enthusiasm in your teen. Parents need to think of activities that will interest them and let the talking come organically.

One such way is a family game night. Investing in a game table or two from The Classy Home gives you the space to discover, as a family, your favorite games. Whether you are acting out crazy scenarios in Cranium or desperately trying to out-buy your son in Monopoly, you are spending time together and keeping the relationship strong. This is what will count in the long run. They won’t remember beating you in Uno, but they will remember you being there!

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