Need Cash Back? Act Now!

Whether you are looking for an Ashley sofa set or are in the market for a new coffee table, who couldn’t use some cash back at the end of the day? In reality, all of us can use an extra few dollars in our wallets these days. The Classy Home has decided to celebrate this Fourth of July holiday by granting your wish!

From now until Friday, July 5th, The Classy Home will be hosting an Independence Day Cashback Giveaway. This means that everyone can enter to win up to 15% cashback. Every single day from now until then there will be a winner drawn, and that lucky winner will receive up to 15% cashback off of any of their purchases. This makes it the perfect time to start browsing our site for new furniture for your kids’ rooms or a leather recliner chair to relax on after a long day of work. Start browsing The Classy Home’s site today and pick your favorites. Then look for the details on how to enter the contest and be sure to do so on a daily basis. Lastly, check every day to see who the winner of the day is and you might be on your way to a fatter wallet.

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