Back To School Discounts At The Classy Home

It’s that time of year again. Kids all over the country are preparing to head back to school. Homework and pop quizzes loom. Parents eagerly await the quiet that comes from having children out of the house and in school all day. But before you lean back in your leather recliner chair to rest, be sure you and your little one are prepared for September!

The Classy Home is hosting a Back To School sale. Parents can get up to 10% off of furniture for kids. Our chairs and ottomans for kids are perfect for reading assignments and internet research. Browse our selection for some truly exciting offers. The sports fan in your home will adore the football, basketball, baseball and soccer chairs. These pieces of unique furniture offer a cozy place to curl up and catch up on school reading. Our bunk bed sets come with built-in desks for homework and studying.

School’s an exciting time for kids and parents. Ease the nerves and incite the excitement by bringing your little ones into the decision making process. Get them excited to study by letting them pick out their desks and chairs. Inject some fun into the process!

Visit us today to learn more about our Back to School sale.

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