Decorating With A Glass End Table

Glass end tables add a stylish, modern touch to your home. But, more than that, they can provide you with a wealth of decorating options. This post will highlight the best ways to decorate with your glass side table. Read on and try them in your own home.

Lighting Possibilities:

Don’t be fooled by their delicate exterior. These tables are infinitely sturdy. They can certainly support a lamp for reading, knitting or drawing at night. For a matching look, choose a lamp with a glass base in a shade that matches the glass of your tabletop. Or, for a little contrast, choose a lamp with a base that’s the same color (or in the same color family) as the legs of your table. Both will provide a classy foundation for your lamp.

Using Flowers:

The bright, floral blooms of energetic flowers will look amazingly beautiful against the clear glass top of a glass table. Choose a glass vase, fill it with bold flowers that will reflect on the surface of the table and create a burst of color.

Reflection as Decoration:

The shiny surface of the glass end table lends itself perfectly as a host to other reflective items. Place a mirrored tile in the center of the table and place a crystal figurine in the center of the tile to maximize the shine and glitz of your table. Or, arrange gemstones in a variety of colors around a grouping of candles. The glow of the candlelight will reflect off the tabletop and the gems to create an ethereal glow.

Whichever route you go, glass tables can make for an amazing end to your sofa set and these ideas will make it even more spectacular.

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