Protecting Your Sofa from Fido

It is an undisputed fact that dogs are man’s best friend. Sadly, this is not the case for sofa sets. While little Fido or Buster surely enhances your lives, your four-legged friends can wreak absolute havoc on your loveseats and sectional sofas. Knowing how to protect your living room furniture from your pets is vital.

The easiest action anyone can take to protect their sofas and loveseats from pets is to invest in a sofa cover. These come in a variety of colors and fabrics, so there is no need to sacrifice looks for sofa safety. Slipcovers come compatible with almost every style of sofa and are easy to slip on and off for cleaning purposes. These will do wonders at keeping dog hair off the actual couch, paws from scratching the fabric and beverages from staining the fabric. Simple, inexpensive and worth it.

The next tip for keeping your sofas safe is to trim your pet’s nails. Even if the dog does end up using the couch as a scratching post, the damage will be minimal. You can easily do this at home or head to the vet if you are uncomfortable doing so yourself.

Lastly, invest in dog training classes. Training your pet to sleep on its own mat, play with its own toys and stay off the human’s furniture is the best bet when it comes to protecting your sofa. If your dog is well trained, the above tips become less important.

Whatever method you choose, keeping the pets off the sofa will go a long way towards a nice looking living room.

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