Setting a Coffee Table

By now everyone probably knows how to go about setting the tables on their dinette sets. The traditions involved in doing so are fairly well ingrained and have been perfected over the years. Coffee table setting takes a little more creativity.

Coffee tables add decorative appeal to a living room or den. That is why we get them. They provide a place for family members or guests to set their drinks while enjoying coffee or a snack. But, they can get a little tricky. A bare coffee table looks plain. A cluttered table makes the entire room look messy. In order to get the full decorative effect from your coffee table set, it is vital to find the right balance of knickknacks and other decorative accessories.

Start by picking d├ęcor that matches the theme and color of your room. For example, a country-themed room would benefit greatly from a wicker basket with pine cones. Whereas a room that is more modern would look strange with those decorations.

Purchase items that are a low height. This prevents blocking guests’ views of each other (or the television). Vary the heights of the objects to create interest.

To avoid clutter, decorate the table with only three items. Using objects that are similar to one another will create a sense of unity for the table and will instantly impart a style scheme to your room.

Following these tips will result in a polished looking coffee table set.

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