Accessorizing Decor: Get Creative with Throws

Want to add style and color to your room? Texture and pattern? And want to make it look warmer, classier and homier? No, it isn’t going to take you 10 things to do this. Just add a throw to your room and there you are in a new room, with the least amount spent!

So in what all ways do you use a throw? Throws are more than simple furnishing accessories. They are highly functional too. They are warm, soft and lightweight and can be draped anywhere. Add a throw to your room or make it as a great housewarming gift!

Let’s look at 5 best ways to use throw rugs and make your house a home you’ll fall in love with.

1.       Use it as a protective seat cushion cover: Let your throw act as a protective barrier on your seat cushions. If you have pets in your house, this arrangement will work best for you.

2.       Throw over your headboard: Use an elaborate print throw over the headboard of your bed and add a pattern your bed assembly.

3.       Throw in kids’ room: Use textured throws at the ends of their bed over a solid color palette or use a solid colored throw to bring out a particular color in their patterned bedroom.

4.       Create a throw cascade: Drape your throw over the side arm or back side of your high back chairs and let it fall to the ground. Don’t worry about how it falls as the natural fall will only add warmth to your room. Try and select a throw with side fringes. It’ll create a natural transition towards the floor.

5.       Come up with a colorful back cushion: Have a neutral chair that needs color? Add a throw or two and drape in on the back of the chair after folding it lengthwise. Tuck in the other part under the seat cushion to keep the throw in place.

While physical warmth might not be on your priority list on interiors always, having that extra touch of color and pattern in your décor would never hurt. So get creative with your throws and achieve better interiors on a tighter budget.

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