Entertainment Centers Have to Change, Too

Entertainment technology has changed a lot in the last decade. Flat screen televisions are nearly omnipresent in the modern home, digital technology is always increasing its reach, the internet continues to sync with new objects and devices, the mp3 player has shrunk the stereo system, video game consoles are more and more popular, tablet and other mobile devices are increasingly able to act as central hubs for numerous outlets of external media, and the cables, ports, and connections are new.

If entertainment and its respective technology have changed, so must entertainment centers. An entertainment center is an often forgotten piece of home decor, one that not only acts as the main regulator of much of our leisure time but a central piece that can define an entire room, setting the tone in its style and structure and placement. Entertainment centers today need both to accommodate new technology and match modern tastes. An Acme Furniture entertainment console, for example, easily houses a flat screen television, cable box, and other devices, with ample room and space for cords and connections to travel and interconnect without hassle. Whether you’re streaming a movie on the internet or recording a show on DVR, whether you’re remotely skipping a track you don’t like or turning up the volume on one you do, the right entertainment center can make all the difference.

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