Accessorizing Decor: Attract with Accessory Groups

Having added rugs and pillows and throws to your spaces, you got all the warmth and color and patterns you needed in your homes. Let’s add some zing! Let’s add a vibe and glamorize your spaces with accessory groups!

So, let us understand why use accessories? What difference would they make to our spaces even after adding throws and pillows and creating an atmosphere? Accessories are an extension of your personality. Whether you are a sensual person or an absolute masculine person, the accessories you display are going to be your reflections.

The two most important things in your selection of accessories will depend on the style of your rooms and the display options you have. Don’t mix up the styles of your interior spaces with different styles of accessories. Make sure you unify the whole ensemble by at least one element. It could be color, pattern, size or texture.  Accessorize anywhere and everywhere. Use up your fireplace mantles, tables, couches, pedestals, floors, window ledges etc. try getting creative with bowls, trays, and shadow boxes.

Why should we then group up the accessories? Just imagine a wood finished candle stand against a pine-paneled wall. Wouldn’t it disappear? Small accessories have a tendency to do that. Group together your similar accessories and create a focal point in your space. Make up an ensemble of your candle stand and photo-frames and ash-trays and arrange them beautifully on your side tables. Pick up from the various styles available. Use a group of circular form to complement your geometric upholstery or go for an antique group for your recently revamped period style home.

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