Accessorizing decor: Get creative with pillows

Pillows are to decor what shoes are to fashion- you can never have too many! But then, like you don’t put on one shoe over the other, do go on piling up your space with pillows that do no talking! So, what do pillows say? For starters, they say,” we are the most inexpensive way to add color, décor, and pattern to your interiors!” well, I assume not all of us can speak “pillow” so I might as well translate it for you!

So, how do you let your pillows do the talking? Let me tell you the five best ways to do that:

Liven up your living room: Coordinate the color of your carpet and furniture and then decide which color or pattern would be the best to complement those textures. Go for ivory or beige pillow set for your darker shades of décor – like green or blue. Or add a splash of color pillows to your otherwise dull living room. Use your pillows to create a focal point in the living room. Create sharp contrast by coordinating a solid color pillow with a patterned sofa upholstery or add textures to a plain upholstery.

Cozy up your kitchen: We carefully design nooks and corners in our kitchen to create a niche for us to settle down in the bay window with our favorite book and a steamy mug of coffee while keeping an eye on your favorite chicken dumpling soup! Warm up space by adding throw pillows on your window seat cushion! Settle against the soft comfort and make the niche made for you, truly yours!

Try the chic modern look: Get an odd number of pillows-like three or five, contrast it with your sofa and carpet, add lots of geometry to it with a graphical inclination, keep it trim, and there is the basic requirement for your modern look. Oblong pillows, being more unexpected work better in a modern setup. Also, if you are a colorful person and want to go diverge a little from the monochromatic modern look, pick up your colors from the artwork present in your room. Keep your fabric palette limited to cotton and linen – make it truly modern with the simplistic approach.

What if I want traditional?: Get pairs of pillows – two or four. Pair them up with smaller squares or circular pillows in the contrasting pattern – texture with solid and vice versa, bringing a sense of traditional symmetry to your room. In a traditional setup, “More is more!” Add lace and velvet and keep the trims elaborate – braid it up or chord the smaller pillows and add frills to the larger ones. Your classic traditional setup is defined- just by adding the few pillows!

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