Why Should You Choose Stairway Bunk Beds

A bed is that one basic piece of furniture that is essentially important for every home. Now a day’s beds come in so many different types varying in their designs, shapes, sizes and prices such as futon bunk beds, loft beds, bunk beds, captains, bookcase etc and many of them have their further types as well. Each one of these has its own specificity, style and function. Hence, it is very important to choose the right one that is not only good looking but also meets all your needs. For instance, if you opt for a bunk bed then you can go either for a regular bunk bed without stairway or the one with the stairway.

If you are thinking about buying a bunk bed then the most important thing to consider is not to compromise and ensure your safety. Usually, the purpose of the bunk bed is to enjoy comfortable sleep and at the same time saving some space as well, making it more convenient and allowing some extra space for other stuff as well such as chest or dresser. There are different types of bunk beds; however, there are some of the designs that prove to be more safe and easy to use.

The stairway bunk bed is the latest addition that offers you ease and safety at the same time. It is designed in a way that enables you to go up and down safely without having to face much trouble. The stairway will let you walk up and then get down easily, allowing easy access and the great decrease in the risk of falling, having a much gentle slope. It is far more secure as compared to that old typical ladder of conventional bunk beds.

No doubt that the traditional bunk bed ladder was symbolic, which used to be available in different designs but when it comes to safety it was not very great, lacking the required safety. The recent stairway bunk beds are mostly wooden but there are some made off with a metal frame as well. They are mostly also bigger than those typical ones. Some of these are staggered, having the extended top bunk that is not directly attached over to the bottom part. Although this design tends to take more room and requires bigger mattresses but it also offers more headroom to the lower occupant.

The stairway bunk beds are a bit more expensive than the other, usually costing you a few hundred dollars more than the regular ones. But once you experience the safety it ensures, with an additional component, you agree that the stairway bunk beds are all worth your money. They usually offer you more storage and also make you feel the sense of added safety.

Stairway Bunk Beds & Different Makers:

When it comes to stairway bunk beds there is not any one standard manufacturer, there are many out there that tend to offer you quality stairway bunk beds at reasonable prices. Some of those many manufactures include Atlantic Furniture and Discovery World, where you can find regular bunk beds as well as their stairway versions. No doubt the products are worth your money but along with the stairway, they will cost you a bit more.

Nevertheless, stairway bunk beds are way better than the conventional ladder versioned because of the extra storage, easy accessibility and safety that it offers. And so, next time you ever plan to buy one, don’t ignore these benefits i.e. safer, bigger, and accessible and of course more trendy stairway bunk beds.

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