Sofa Sets vs. Loveseats

Once upon a time, no homeowner would even consider the possibility of purchasing a sofa set that didn’t come with a loveseat. It was simply standard operating procedure for decorating a home. Today, the standards have changed a bit. More and more, homeowners are choosing between a sofa set and a loveseat.

The reasons for this are varied. For many homeowners, particularly in urban dwellings, space is at a premium. Attempting to work two large full-sized pieces of furniture in our homes can cause countless headaches. Additionally, more and more of us are living with smaller households. Many are single. Others have opted to have a single child, rather than three or four. This lessens the need for both pieces.

Having trouble deciding between an Ashley sofa set or an Acme loveseat? Here are a few guidelines:

Opt For A Sofa Set If:

  • You have a large family or like to entertain frequently and have the room to build a room around your sofa set.
  • You plan on having overnight guests who might need a place to crash.
  • The living room is your main dwelling place. You spend the vast majority of your time here.

Opt For A Loveseat If:

  • You live alone or with a partner without children.
  • You have a small apartment and space is a precious commodity.
  • You entertain infrequently.
  • You spend little time in your living room.

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