Taking Apart Your Recliner Chair

Moving furniture can be a real hassle. Between the Ashley sofas and bookshelves, it is almost enough to make someone vow to never move again. While this is not true for the sofa sets you own, you can take apart your recliner chair. Breaking the chair down into smaller pieces will eliminate at least one headache. Despite the fact this process sounds complicated, it is actually quite simple, and this step-by-step guide will take you from start to finish without a single tear shed.

Taking Apart Your Recliner Chair:

  1. While standing behind the recliner, reach into the gap between the backrest and the sides of the chair. Pull down on the metal levers inside the gap to release the backrest from the recliner’s frame.
  2. Lay the recliner on its side so that you can access the bottom of the seat.
  3. Find the pins that connect the seat to the chair’s arms, remove the screws from the pins and then slide the pins out to release the front.
  4. Lift the seat of the chair until you can reach the screws that attach the seats to the sides of the recliner. Remove the screws and lift the seat out of the chair.
  5. Use a wrench to loosen the bolts that secure the arms of the chair. Remove these bolts and pull away from the arms.

This will leave you a few parts that can easily be boxed for shipping or transport and your task of moving furniture can be solved easily. You can also have a look at Home Decor Accessories Every Home Needs.

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  1. My sister will be moving out of her apartment and she wants to make sure that the couch will be carefully moved. It was explained here that wrench is needed to loosen the bolts of a couch. Moreover, it’s recommended to hire professionals when in need of couch take apart.

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