Making a Room Look Larger

Small rooms can be a complete downer. They can make you feel cramped and confined. It’s not something you want to feel in your own home or apartment. Luckily, even if you do have a smaller room somewhere in your living quarters, there are some tricks to making it seem a little bigger than it really is.

First of all, make sure your room is painted a light, neutral color. Darker colors make rooms feel smaller. Always remember to leave the ceiling white. This makes it seem a little higher.

Secondly, make sure when you buy new furniture like a sofa set or some other unique furniture it is able to fit in the room. However, it sometimes helps a room look bigger if you have only a few pieces but make them slightly oversized for the room.

Some of the biggest tricks are for windows and mirrors. Make the curtains go floor to ceiling instead of just covering the windows. This will make them appear bigger than they are and the room, by association, will look larger. Mirrors make every room look bigger. The reflected image helps to increase the appearance of floor space. To add to this effect try putting lights near the mirror to reflect the light. You’ll be surprised how large your room can feel!

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