Secret Storage Options

Not all of us are blessed with endless room in our homes for storage. Many folks have to learn the art of multi-purposing the furniture they own. Thankfully, there are almost countless ways to turn most items into treasure chests of hidden goods. Whether it involves purchasing some affordable unique furniture items or reworking the ones you already own, these solutions will blow your mind and free up tons of space. Here we have listed our favorite secret storage solutions.

Hidden Storage Made Easy:

  1. Floorboards: Your wooden floor can do so much more than offer a space for your Ashley sofas to sit. With a little advance planning (and some luck with the general layout of your home’s foundation), you can turn a regular old floorboard into a fantastic hidden storage unit.
  2. Creative Beds: Believe it or not, a company called Bed-Up makes beds that hang from the ceiling, and disappear back into your ceiling during the day! Other options include a suspended bed like the one pictured here. That frees up all sorts of floor space for storage.
  3. Repurpose Your Closet: Need a home office but have no room? Repurpose the closet you are never going to use as your home office. Throw some nice pillows in there. Install lights and place a desk against the wall and you are all set.

These are just a few of the ideas out there. With a little research and a lot of imagination, you can secretly store everything you need.

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