Furnishings for Newlyweds

Congrats on your recent nuptials! Now you get to live happily ever after in marital bliss, right? Not so fast! First, you need to tackle decorating your home. This is terrain every newlywed must travel, yet it can be a tricky one to walk. This is likely the first time both you and your beloved have had to accommodate another’s tasted in furniture, wall colors and bedding. It does not need to turn into arguments and tears. Here are some tips for turning the process into another bonding experience for the two of you.

Look at decorating magazines, browse furniture stores, and scour decorating websites. Take in what you see and compile two folders: a “his” folder and a “hers” folder. Then, pour a tall glass of wine and browse each other’s folders and create a third folder of things you both like.

If the taste in décor greatly differs and an agreement is not coming freely, then designate one room in the apartment to each of you. “Your” room is where you will house that coffee table set you can’t live without (and he can’t stand). And the same goes for him. He can set up a man cave, complete with a leather recliner chair, in his space.

The rest of the apartment is joint property and an agreement must be reached. Thankfully, once each party has a space they love, agreements on paint colors and rugs come a lot faster. Good luck and remember that you love each other!

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