Feng Shui and Your Living Room

Feng shui has been around for centuries with the goal of directing and controlling the flow of energy in a room. The trend of incorporating the principles of feng shui into homes and offices has really taken off. People have latched on to the belief that they are happier and more effective when the energy of their home is not blocked. Whether or not you subscribe to this belief system, the spatial arrangements the theory suggests are visually pleasing to all.

Applying Feng Shui To Your Living Room:

  1. Remember that your living room sofa set is the center point of the room. Therefore, all of the other furniture should be arranged around this piece.
  2. Try to position the sofa in the corner that is farthest from the door and window. Also be sure the sofa is in clear view of the door.
  3. Avoid having too much space between the wall and the sofa. The wall provides security and protection, so you want to stick close to it.
  4. Do not place the sofa in front of a window or directly opposite the door. Since energy flows between the door and the window, you do not want to block its path.
  5. Use screens and partitions to influence the flow of energy through the living room. Direct light and energy towards coffee table sets and chairs. Use these screens to create a pathway for the energy flow.

Once all this is in order, sit back, relax and enjoy a peaceful existence.

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