Baby It’s STILL Cold Outside

For much of the East Coast, this has been an abnormally cold winter that shows little sign of letting up. Snow at the end of March? For many east coasters, this is turning into a reality. Whether you adore the little white flakes or are tired of being wet and cold on your commute to work, there is no denying that this is not the usual state of affairs for March or April.

With the abnormality of the weather, some unique furniture choices are being made. During this time when many would be swapping out their winter furniture for spring wares, many are left confused as to how to decorate. Should I leave the heavy drapes hanging even though spring is literally here? Are the dark colors of my Ashley sofa to wintery for April?

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to winter and spring furniture changes, we can offer a few suggestions. First and foremost, this is the year to practice easing (rather than springing) into the new seasons. Instead of swapping out all your furniture, or going the other route and leaving everything as is, add some spring accessories to your current furniture. As the weeks progress and the temperature, hopefully, inches higher and higher, increase the spring accents into your home until the job is complete.

While this might not be the route you are used to taking, it might be the best option for these strange weather days.

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