DIY vs. Retail

The DIY trend has taken the nation by storm over the last few years. Whether this is a result of the challenging economy or an attempt to harness creative power, homeowners everywhere have taken to sites like YouTube, Pinterest, and Flickr for inspiration and tutorials. More and more Americans are building their own coffee tables, bookshelves, and entertainment centers. Does DIY really beat retail? Which should you choose? There are pros and cons for each, but the bottom line comes down to reliability and durability.

Almost all of us know better than to attempt building ourselves a brand new sofa set. But what about the less complicated pieces in your home? Should you splurge for a new wood coffee table or dinette set, or can you build your own?

The first question we suggest asking is how much building experience you have. Anyone who has ever been reduced to tears by assembly instructions should steer clear of intense and complicated DIY projects. Pinterest has the uncanny ability to make these tasks appear far simpler than they prove to be. The second question we would ask is how much use (wear and tear) are you expecting the piece to get. For pieces that will be used infrequently, DIY construction will work. Pieces like bookshelves, entertainment centers, and tables, however, need to built to withstand constant use. Trusting this assembly to reputable brands is best. Finally, do you really have the time? Most of us do not.

Make your decision and then visit us!

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