Discreet Storage Options

Even the most organized of us have a few items that tend to linger around, no matter how hard you try to keep them tidy and stored away somewhere. This is especially true for your living room. The living room often gets the majority of a home’s foot traffic. This is where you entertain guests, watch TV, catch up on leftover work and occasionally let a friend spend the night. It only makes sense that it lends itself to accumulating more stuff.

Whether it be remote controls, magazines, extra blankets or DVDs, things tend to gather near your sofa set. The problem stems from the fact that these items are needed on a daily basis and cannot be stored somewhere out of the way. No one wants to get up off the couch and seek out the remote control or the latest issue of People magazine every time he or she needs to veg out. You want to be able to lean over and grab hold of what you need. But, you still do not care to live in clutter.

There are unique furniture solutions to this dilemma. Try investing in a storage ottoman. These clever pieces of furniture allow you to have the best of both worlds: storage and a clutter-free home. Plus, they give you a place to rest your feet! What more could you want?

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