Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors are one of those amazing interior decorating tools that most people overlook. The uses for these simple, and inexpensive, pieces of furniture go far beyond providing the ability to see oneself. Mirrors bring a sense of light and brightness to a room. Their reflective quality increases the perceived size of a room instantly. Additionally, they are available in an almost endless variety of shapes and sizes and work well with all home decors, whether they be modern or traditional. This simple piece of unique furniture can provide so much more than what originally meets the eye. This post will explore two ways to use mirrors as a decorating tool in your home.

Creating Focal Points with Mirrors: Creating a focal point on your wall is as easy as using a single decorative mirror. Choose one that reflects the design of your home and hang where it will be noticed. Immediately people’s eyes will be drawn where you want them to go. Additionally, placing the mirror opposite your sofa set will draw even more attention to your prized furniture piece.

Grouping with Mirrors: Mirror grouping is easy and elegant. It tends to work best with small mirrors, usually, either three or five in a grouping, placed in a loose pattern or design and fixed onto the wall. It is art made easy.

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