Choosing the right secretary desk to create perfect space-saving area

The concept of a separate home office has changed over the past few years, and now people are more attracted for options that allow them to design a multi-purpose space which perfectly fits into their work requirement and also a place to store important files or bills.

With a drop front secretary desk designed for multi-tasking, it’s easy to create a functional space in your living room or home office space. The Neli space saver secretary desk, from The Classy Home, is an inspiring solution for every space because its foldaway desktop occupies 25% less space compared to other standard desks.

The current downsizing trend calls for space saving furniture, and the best way to create more space is by utilizing the desk space efficiently. So solve any space issues in your home by bringing Zebra product’s Neli Secretary desk that features dedicated secure storage for keyboard, comfortable work area by simply unlatching the fold-down desktop and also give full free leg movement space.

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself before selecting Neli space saver secretary desk:

Neli space saver secretary desk
Neli space saver secretary desk


Why choose a Space Saver Desk?

Those who work from home often end up working on a couch or dining space because of a lack of space, and space is an important factor to consider these days. Choosing a secretary desk would be a clever choice if you want to benefit from the all-in-one design of the Neli Space Saver Desk. When you want to work on a laptop or need writing space, it’s easy to drop down the flip top which is sturdy and spacious to work effectively. While not working, you can close the foldaway top to save space and hide the revealing storage drawers & letter shelves that conveniently store small items like documents or other important files.

How to stay more organized with Secretary Desk?

Want to create an instant office space in your living room? Have a look at this foldout desk, which is perfect for any place when you don’t have a room for it. The secretary desk with file cabinets, drawers and slots can easily hold your office supplies and folders. In addition, the sturdy composition of this unique desk with its space-saving feature opens into a desk which enables organized work.

Consider your space and existing furniture

If saving space while getting organized is your number one priority, then consider selecting a desk that has hidden storage options. Small space frequently demands flexibility, while bulky furniture often clutter-up the existing space by discomforting the look of a room. Increase your comfort level by opting for a desk that allows you to includes hideaway storage, drawers, space to put your laptop as well as a comfortable chair to sit and work. A “Neli Brown Space Saver Secretary Desk” is the perfect piece of furniture for the living room or home office, it’s focused to provide you utmost comfort while working.

How much time do you spend in your office?

Before making a decision to buy the right type of desk, it’s important to know how much actual time is spent to work daily. Regardless of the tight living space, a nice secretary desk can still be attainable, because space saving furniture is a necessity for practical appeal in a design-friendly living room. And at The Classy Home, be sure to find the unique, practical, beautiful and affordable furniture at the click of a button.

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