Back-To-School Special: Stay prepared when your kid is back from school with THE CLASSY HOME!

The summer is about to end and its time to go back to school. The first day of school is one of the most exciting days of the year, doesn’t matter if you’re a kid, a teenager a parent or a grandparent. Are you ready for the day totally? From uniform, clothes, food to stationary you got all the things ready which your child will need so that your while they are in school or college. But what about the things that they require outside their classroom??

Back To School
Back To School

What about when he/she returns from school tired??

Whether it’s the first day to for kindergarten or of college, your child will return home tired. A proper bed is a must which will rejuvenate their body and they wouldn’t feel exhausted the next day. In the absence of a good sleep, your child will feel lazy and sleepy the whole day and wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

The unique designs, durable and sturdy frames combined with the comfortable mattress will help your kid to have a good night’s sleep. The widely popular ranges of kids beds, bunk beds, loft beds will give you plenty of options to choose from.

What about when they want to do their homework??

It’s very important that your child finds a comfortable and proper place to study and do their homework. The work area of a student has a great impact on their academic. You must create a proper space with lots of comfort, light and less distractions, for them to concentrate and keep their energy focused while they are studying.

We have several designs so that your child doesn’t get bored and worn-out while studying. Our comfortable and spacious study desk, a chair will make sure that they, don’t get tired and feel ache while doing a long hour study.

As the school starts kids do group study, make these meets entertaining and pleasurable with our fun bean bags and chairs and kids ottomans. We assure you because of such atmosphere they will feel like having group studies more often.

What about their new college dorms?

Your kids will want to head back to college in style, they will focus on something that will pop up their personality and you would want to focus on the functionality. The Classy Home furniture has several must-have dorm room furniture.

They will need an optimized space to study, choose from our fashionable and functional office furniture ample storage space. Also, a Corner Bookcase will save the space and also keep their books organized. The small Bar table set is best suited for small dorm rooms it will provide an extra space to study, eat, keep the laptop and a lot more without occupying much of their room. Make the dorm room or apartment colorful with a few accent pillows and bean bags.

A proper sleep is required to maintain the energy and thought the process and a perfect mattress is required for a proper sleep, that is correct in size and comfortable too, consider of giving or getting a mattress for the new place.

If this college season, you are becoming an empty nester than make some real changes in your home with an array of furniture options available at The Classy Home.

Sending your child to school or going to college is a test both emotionally and financially. The shopping list is so long that you feel like breaking the bank. Don’t worry The Classy Home understands your dilemma, be the part of super saving Back To School Sale and fulfill all your furniture needs at affordable prices.

Be benefited with the Back To School Special Collection and make the necessary changes in your home, apartment or dorm and be ready for the coming ventures ahead. Go shopping and do your homework!!

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