5 Trustworthy tips for buying new furniture for pet owners

Buying new furniture in a pet owner’s home remains to be one of the biggest challenges for many. Because no doubt, that no matter how careful you try to be, or how hard you try to train them; despite all, the scratching, jumping, hair and odors that come along with them spoils the condition of your furniture, sometimes all too soon.

furniture for pet owners
furniture for pet owners


Anyone who owns pets knows it very well; that since pieces of furniture are expensive items, and are purchased with the thought in mind that it should last for a longer period of time, it is essential to choose furniture which would stay in the nice & proper condition that can withstand against your furry friend.

To provide valuable information regarding this subject, we have mentioned some very helpful and trustworthy tips for buying new furniture; Along with some ideas& suggestions for protecting it from fur, stains and scratches.

By following below mentioned trustworthy tips, your furniture buying experience will be more meaningful.


The durability of furniture should be the first and foremost criteria for buying furniture when you have pets. Because no doubt, that as much control as you may have on them, they can certainly get rowdy once in a while, and it wouldn’t go well with any fragile furniture. It is always beneficial to pick durable pieces of furniture so stay upright even when bumped.


Finding suitable fabric for your furniture is another important criterion to be kept in mind while buying furniture. There are various options available for you, select the most suitable.

While choosing chairs, sofas and couches think about stain-resistant fabrics.

Microfiber upholstery is extremely durable since it won’t shred, puncture or tear. Not only that, it is easy to clean, whether you are wiping up a liquid spill or vacuuming up stray hair.

Crypton is another useful fabric that provides stain resistance, moisture resistance, odor-resistance, and mildew& bacteria protection permanently. Not only that, it is also disinfect-able.


The leather is good for brushing off the loose hair of the pet; but, still might not be most preferable for pet owners, since it is liable to tear, scratch and puncture easily. Being that it is usually very expensive, it would be very costly to repair or replace.

Apart from leather, velvet, wool, brocade and cotton should also be avoided.


Color is another important factor that needs to be taken into consideration while buying furniture when you have pets in a home.  It is much more preferable to choose a fabric that is very much close to your pet’s hair color since it would help hide the shedding hair. At the same time avoid choosing light-colored upholstery, since stains and dirt would show up very conspicuously.


Do not ignore the usage of slipcovers. Slipcovers are very much beneficial to protecting your upholstery. The best part is, no matter how spoiled it ever gets by your pets, you can wash it often and easily. They are quite easily removed to wash and due to that preferred by many pet owners.


  •  There are few areas where your pet frequent relaxes, for those areas opt for machine-washable or easily replaceable rugs; so you can wash it more often.
  •  Always consider buying stable furniture.
  •  Always consider buying furniture with rounded edges rather than pointed.
  •  Insist to buy sturdy and strong coffee tables, since pets often bump and jump on it.
  •  Artwork and photos should be hung at a height high enough so your pets shouldn’t be able to reach for them.


Above mentioned tips are common for pet owners, button top of all these tips, your own preferences, budgets, availability of space are also important pointers which need to be considered. With the help of all of these, choose the most suitable pieces of furniture for you as well as your pets.

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  1. I want to get new furniture when I remodel this spring so thanks for these tips. I like your point about choosing a fabric that matches your pet’s hair color. I’ll be sure to do this so the hairs aren’t ad noticeable.

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