Home, Vehicles and Furniture are three major expenses we need in order to live our lives in the proper manner. Most of us, more than once came across the situation where we need to buy it. Being huge investment items, it needs proper planning & careful study before buying.

For buying quality, durable and cost-effective furniture we have mentioned some trustworthy and essential tips for buying furniture. This will also help you buy them at the best rates.

1. Study Your Lifestyle:

Before buying furniture study your lifestyle properly. While studying the lifestyle; consider how many kids you have? Do you have any pets? How much time can you allocate for cleaning and maintenance purpose?

Study Your Lifestyle
Study Your Lifestyle

These are the few factors that, to begin with, you’ll need to consider, because, each factor largely affects the choice of furniture.

2. Functionality:

The dictionary defines functionality as the quality of being suited to serve a purpose well and practically.

Your furniture needs to have a practical functionality to suit your home, because, no matter how stylish it looks and no matter how much it seems to match, if it does not serve the purpose, it has no meaning. Because at the end of the day, function in comparison to style or look is what really counts.

3. Budget Oriented:

After style, a budget is another one of most important criterion to keep in mind while shopping. Being budget oriented means; be within your spending limit.

Budget Oriented
Budget Oriented

The furniture market is filled with a wide range of products. Each furniture item is available in a range of economical to expensive categories, so; being budget oriented means that you will buy only the item which is most useful and at the same time within your price range.

4. Be Master Of Measurement:

Although it may seem very simple, it is a very important tip because; many times people buy furniture in a hurry only to find that it can’t get into their house.


In order to avoid a fiasco, it is very crucial to measure your rooms methodically like a mathematician. Before placing an order make sure that you have checked and re-checked all the measurement of a doorway, stairs, hallways, and ceilings from where your furniture will pass through or you want to put it.

5. Natural Architecture Of house:

Your furniture must be in aligned and in sync with the architecture of your house. Suppose, a natural architecture of your house is royal or a palace, classic furniture will add value to the overall show off your house.

Natural Architecture
Natural Architecture

But, if it is modern or contemporary architecture;  you need to choose modern or contemporary pieces of furniture for your house. By choosing the proper furniture you make your house more visually appealing.

6. Quality Is Queen:

Furniture is not a ‘use & throw’ kind of item. Most of the people buy it for a longer period of time. So, it is always preferable, you should rather go for quality than quantity. If your financial situation doesn’t allow you to buy all the furniture at a time, no problem: go for one piece at a time. But that piece must be qualitative so that the durability of that piece remains longer lasting and you get maximum value for your money.

Quality Is Queen
Quality Is Queen

7. Take your time:

Buying furniture is not an overnight or impulsive decision. When you buy it; cost, color, measurement, the architecture of your house and your lifestyle are some of the factors you must keep in mind.

Take your time
Take your time

Because each factor is very critical, small & a simple error in these areas can create confusion and chaos. In order to avoid any mishap in this area, it is always preferable to give it enough time for a decision. Before placing an order make sure that you have considered all these points.

8. Maintenance Of furniture:

Being an expensive item, furniture needs proper and regular maintenance. So while buying, choose the furniture which suits your lifestyle. If you have enough time for regular maintenance and cleaning, then go for luxurious and most stylish pieces of furniture. But, if you are living the very hectic lifestyle, then choose the furniture which needs minimum maintenance & cleaning time and cost-effective.

9. Make A Joint Decision:

Make A Joint Decision
Make A Joint Decision

If you are a bachelor, it’s okay. But, if you are living as a   family or have kids; the buying decision should be a joint decision because furniture will be used by all the people in the family. Taste and distaste of all should be kept in mind while buying it so that it gives a maximum sense of satisfaction to all. Not only that, but joint decision helps to maintain it properly.

10. Search& Research:

Before buying furniture do the proper search & research.

Search – try to find out the most suitable furniture items which not only satisfy your requirements but give you maximum satisfaction and ease of functionality.

Research- once you determine the brand or store from where you want to buy; do enough research about its reputation, return policy, customer feedback, and after-sales service & customer care.

11. Take It For A Trial Period:

Comfort is most crucial criteria for any furniture.  Unfortunately, you cannot measure the comfort level without experiencing it. For experiencing it, you need to use it. So, it is always preferable to have a ‘Trial Period’, during which you will get a fair enough idea of the product and its comfort level. The best part is that if you don’t feel it comfortable you can return it.

12. Wait For Right Moment:

Once you determine the types of furniture you would like to shop, wait for the right moment. There are several days in the year when most of the stores will offer generous discounts. Christmas, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Independence Day and Valentine day are just some of the days when most of the stores offer some additional discount. Wait for the right moment and whenever you find any additional discount; do not delay.

13. Furniture in Your House:

If you are buying furniture for the first time, ‘OR’ for your new home; that’s great. But, if you already have some furniture then you’ll need to determine what you are going to do for your old furniture first?

There are two possible options. First, you should replace it. Second, if you don’t want to replace it, think how you can fit it with your new furniture. Think it over before making the final decision.

14. Choose Neutral Color:

If possible, choose a neutral color palette; because it is easy to change. Due to this, it will give you more options to easily match them up with your décor of the entire home.

15. Choose Online Shopping:

Buy your furniture from online furniture stores. Because: online shopping can save your time and cash. They will usually have better deals than physical stores.

Other Important Tips:

  • When buying wooden furniture: the interior and exterior are most important. So, make it sure you are not only buying a good looking piece of furniture but at the same time it is sturdy and solid too.
  • While purchasing couch; make it sure it has a solid frame.
  • While buying furniture try to avoid that the furniture is glued or nailed in. Instead, prefer wood joinery.
  • Before placing an order; be clear about warranties, shipping, return policy and transit damage insurance.
  • Always insist to buy from reliable and trustworthy online stores and make it sure they are in a business for a considerable time.
  • Many a times newsletter or Junk mail from some of the online furniture stores can be helpful because they advertise their offers in it, so, do not ignore it.

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