Where To Share Your Love of Decorating

Are you obsessed with interior design? Are you one of those people who believes browsing an Ashley sofa set showroom sounds like a perfect afternoon? You are not alone! The world of interior design is vast and open to design lovers from all walks of life. If unique furniture is more exciting to you than imported chocolate, check out our list of organizations you should be aware of. Find your fellow design enthusiasts and share what you love with others.

  1. Interior Design Magazine (and Website): Interior Design magazine is a gold mine for decorating mavens. With regular updates on the market, lists and explanations of events, and a daily design to inspire you, this magazine (and its corresponding website) is a must-have.
  2. Design Guide: Design Guide’s comprehensive website will quickly become your go-to source of inspiration, ideas, and event planning. What makes Design Guide unique is its focus on consignment products. Visit the site to see what’s new, find out where to meet people, and learn about elements you may not be aware of.
  3. Meetup.com: While not specifically design related, Meetup.com has become the place to go to find like-minded people. Select your interests, and the site will show you dozens of groups specifically tailored to the things you love. This is an awesome way to meet new people, find shopping buddies, and bounce new ideas off another person.

This short list should get you started on your journey. Once inspiration hits, visit us to get the latest pieces you crave.

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