The Virtues of Futons

While many of us love entertaining overnight guests and the freedom to extend an open invitation to friends and family, not everyone enjoys the idea of someone crashing out on their Ashley sofa for nights on end. We want to be able to house guests, but do not want to have to give up our main room. Nor do we want to spend the money to purchase a brand new bed that will only be used on these infrequent occasions. The futon gives you another option.

The beauty of futons is that they are small enough to fit in even the smallest of guest rooms but unfold into a bed that will fit even your burliest of guests. If the idea of a futon brings to mind an institutional looking, metal piece of furniture that does not seem to go with your décor, you are stuck in the futon past. Today’s futons are almost as chic as any sofa set you will find in our store. Rather than being an inferior object, they are simply the grand sofa’s smaller and more portable cousin.

Whether your children have moved away and you want to encourage them to visit or mom and dad like to drop by for a night or two, futons give you a place to put them for the night without sacrificing your main living space.

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